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... the EMG confirmed that. But what is more important to the spine surgeon is the flattening of the cord and what symptoms that is producing. Yes, they will fix the impinged nerves if they are so badly impinged and they are in danger of permanent damage but cord damage is silent and shows up with reflex problems and other signs. ... (9 replies)
... sical therapist does and she is a spine specialist with 25 years experience. Go back to her and do it even more. It will help the muscles...nothing will help the impinged nerves except surgery when it's bad enough. ... (3 replies)
... Hi - Yes they took out my original hardware. My 1st hardware was in a year when they pulled it out, it was a very large plate and about 8 screws. I admit the revision was a more painful surgery. They put in a different set of hardware after the revision. I think your dizziness is from the cord contact. I have and many others here have had that before. You said "At... (7 replies)

New to this board
Mar 15, 2003
... d of a snowball effect. Also bulging discs can impinge on a nerve, which can cause the muscle spasms, but also the burning sensations you complain about.Impinged nerves can cause weakness in the affected area, as well as shooting or deep pain in those same areas. ... (16 replies)
C6/c7 elbow pain
Jul 9, 2010
... things that should be there with certain nerves involved are not kinda thing? ... (10 replies)
Help - I'm the 10%
Jun 27, 2010
... the only real good info that can help here from this specific test is whther or not the nerves in question are in a more 'constant' impingment mode? ... (75 replies)
... I wish I had moved faster toward surgery. I still have some residual numbness in one finger because the nerve was impinged for too long. ... (10 replies)
... runs before it goes down the arm. like i mentioned before, my ulnars keep getting impinged in that same exact area,thats the only reason i know that the ulnar runs up there. ... (17 replies)
... may or may not 'always' help with pain. it kind of depends more upon the real underlying generator OF the specific type of pain. what neurontin actually does for nerves by calming them down is why this was originally created for epilepsy patients too. ... (15 replies)
... from nerves to cord to brain and back? ... (15 replies)
... bad it was. He couldn't believe I was still walking, functioning, etc. He thought I had spinal corder damage, which another mri showed it wasn't. However, the nerves on the right sight were so squished when I walked, it felt like someone had the nerve between their teeth biting on it. ... (7 replies)
... I had lumbar surgery (laminectomy, foraminotomy, facetotomy, etc. to remove a synovial cyst) 9 months ago. I still wake up with tingling in my toes many days. I notice it most often when lying down. I've seen others mention the same thing on the back surgery board. I think it's a typical nerve reaction to swelling, or the nerve being moved, or post-surgical inflammation.... (7 replies)
... The symptoms in your hand would seem to be consistent with C7 and C8 radiculopathy, that is, those nerves are being pinched as they leave the spinal cord. ... (3 replies)
... been told that the spinal cord nerves could take up to a year if ever to heal themselves. ... (7 replies)
Jul 31, 2013
... side of your spinal cage. "Severe" means that it's quite likely that your spinal nerves are being impinged upon as they pass through the foramina. ... (1 replies)
Acdf c-6-7
Feb 9, 2012
... that would kind of automatically just occur. that would be very important to know. what really makes me wonder about how impactful several areas are also being impinged upon is the fact that it does appear the interp radiologist also mentions your myelopathy already there BEFORE your surgery. ... (10 replies)
... C8 nerves go into something called the brachial plexus in the arm where the nerves come together and then part again. I do know that when I had a problem with my C5 being blocked that I lost most of the strength in my biceps and deltoid. ... (5 replies)
EMG before ESI?
Jun 20, 2011
... if you are merely suffering pain from ongoing inflammation at the nerves or nerve root level, nothing will actually show up as 'abnormal'. ... (4 replies)
Spinal stenosis
Feb 20, 2011
... sense of purspose and true pure joy for me anymore. it also knocked out the L leg and hand too. and that part i KNEW was going to be 'hit' since those particular nerves were just 'in the way' to even GET to this huge glob that was taking up ALOT of actual cord space. ... (38 replies)
... lot the top of my chest hurts just as bad.I have some pain in the top of my right arm and a little in the left and the surgeon said all of this is caused by the nerves that are impinged.He said after I am healed I would be able to lift weights,hunt,and fish or anything else I have ever done. ... (25 replies)

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