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... Those are the 4 categories of severity and it's important as they usually won't do anything if you aren't at moderate or severe. Does it say anything about your spinal cord as opposed to your spinal nerves? ... (3 replies)
... Your MRI is complicated, but far from terrifying. For starters, the radiologist does not see cord impingement due to the herniated disks. ... (5 replies)
... To start with, you have developmental canal stenosis, which means that your spinal canal is too narrow TO START WITH. That's hereditary. ... (7 replies)

... pretty common. It just means that the neck is not as curved back as it ought to be, the head is more likely to point down, and increasing pressure is put on the spinal column. It's the severity that's important, though, and your radiologist hasn't been much help there. ... (4 replies)
... Is it spinal cord related or just sympthoms of the S1 impingment? ... (15 replies)
... area. The doctor said there is no impingment. I have no idea what impingement is. He told me I need to have surgery sometime during my life.....the sooner the better. ... (2 replies)
... foraminal and proximinal foraminal disc protrusion.This causes a broad ventral thecal sac impression wiehout cord impingement. ... (6 replies)
... foraminal and proximal foraminal disc protrusion.This causes a mild broad ventral thecal sac impression without cord impingement. There is moderate left c4 foraminal stenosis. There is borderline central stenosis. ... (4 replies)
... C6 Diffuse disc bulge central disc protrusion with effacement of the anterior aspect of the cord and residual AP diameter of the canal of 7 mm. ... (1 replies)
... There is moderate loss of disc height. There is prominent posterior osteophytic bar and a broad annular disc bulge which results in impingement upon the central and right paracentral cord although this appears to be subtly milder in extent than seen on prior exam. ... (4 replies)
... was still herniated with mild cord impingement. When I asked NS why he did not repair this disc, He said he would have to look at the films and doesnt remember it being herniated. ... (6 replies)
MRI Cervical Spine
Mar 17, 2015
... C5 that cause mild spinal canal stenosis and narrowing of the neuroforamina. ... (1 replies)
... t12 are compressing your spinal cord. At t5 there is an increased t2 signal which is indicative of myelomalacia. The compression on the cord and the myelomalacia can cause symptoms like you are mentioning in segments at or below below those enervated by the affected cord segment. ... (9 replies)
... dorsal impingement on thecal sac means the sac that holds the spinal cord is being pressed on. Nerve compression causes neuropathy symptoms such as numbness, tingling etc. ... (2 replies)
... te formation with n associated right para central disc extrusion which causes some mild indentation to the right side of the cervical spinal cord and significant impingement on the C7 nerve root and moderate encroachment on the right C6 foramen there is also considerable disc and osteophyte encroachment on the left C6 foramen. ... (2 replies)
... sted on the radiologist's report under the 'impressions' section that basically reiterates the previous stuff says 'slight prominence of the central canal of the spinal cord is likely an incidental finding in this patient. ... (10 replies)
... Got a the impingement on the spinal CORD or the spinal NERVES? ... (7 replies)
... herniation that is encroaching 2.5mm into my spinal cord. ... (8 replies)
... there is a leftward mild disc herniation and endplate spurring which indents the spinal cord and effaces the ventral subarachnoid space. There is also moderate left neruoforaminal narrowing. ... (16 replies)
... I can tell you that i had a c5 6 with own bone and plate due to major herniation pressing on spinal cord and a l5 s1 microdiskectomy in 03 and 04. ... (5 replies)

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