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... I received a report of an MRI of a 2 year old injury to my spinal cord. ... (2 replies)
Cord compression
Feb 9, 2007
... hello and thanks for the info and yes there is a gnawing feeling with the throbbing, it also burns.. my legs knees down have a mild throb but are very weak they buckled on me twice today while walkin d down stairs ouch.... my stomache also has a burn throbbing less pain then back but definetly noticeable.... and today and yesterday im running a temp. no soar throat or cough or... (7 replies)
Cord compression
Feb 9, 2007
... be to speak with your surgeon and possibly obtain a second opinion as well if this is going to be a pretty in depth type of surgery.I would think givent hat your cord is actually being compressed by a fragment that this would most definitely at some point need to be somehow surgically interveined upon. ... (7 replies)

... C4 was now a protrusion and it was impinging slightly upon the anterior aspect of the cervical cord. ... (4 replies)
... uncinate process and facet hypertrophy result in foraminal stenosis, moderate right and mild left. The posterior disc spur complex impinges on thecal sac . No cord impingement. ... (0 replies)
... E "ologists" here and go right TO a much more highly trained neurosurgeon for the best possible 'impression" from someone who actually even goes inside a persons spinal areas that ologists simply don't? ... (3 replies)
Help - I'm the 10%
Jun 27, 2010
... jen. mj, the word 'myelomalacia did NOT yet show up in your MRI report, and that IS a GOOD thing since having it at all simply means what jen mentioned with the cord tissue REALLY being impacted beyond maybe the outter layer? ... (75 replies)
... C5 formamen and raises concern for mild impingement of the exiting right C5 nerve root. ... (29 replies)
... c4, there is posterior central disc bulging abutting the anterior margin of the thecal sac. There is no cord impingement. The neural foramina are patent. ... (3 replies)
... Feelbad...sorry I am new here and I didn't get your real name, I have an inoperable AVM in my brain. I have been having severe neck and back pain over the past few months so my family doctor sent me to have an MRI a month ago and told me I have a Hemangioma at C-7. My family doctor said it was nothing to worry about right now but my neck and my arm is numb all the time. I... (14 replies)
... actually simply a cut off from flow of your CSF in there becasue of what sounds like a pretty messed up c spine level or is this actually directly IN your spinal cord? ... (14 replies)
... very obviously,based upon your ongoing symptoms,there is a very direct impingment enough to actually also affect your legs too. ... (7 replies)
... ding out they had actually impinged my c 7 nerve root WITH the dang hardware, or at least one pedicle screw as i found out when my other good NS went in to do my spinal cord surgery and saw just how insane that nerve root was actually being held hostage in there? ... (15 replies)
... C5 has a midline to right posterolateral disc bulge, without suspected impingement upon the spinal cord or the C4 neural foraminal nerve roots. ... (1 replies)
... C6 level there is diffuse disc bulge and endplate osteophyte more eccentric towards to the right tresulting in minimal impression upon the ventral spinal cord. However, there is evidence for bilateral cord signal abnormality at this level best seen on axial image 16 of series 5, sagittal image 9 of series2. ... (1 replies)
... all that "close proximity actually means is that "something is close by" it did NOT state it had impingement tho, so it IS only 'close by", and not actuall fully impacting it? ... (75 replies)
... no effect,where on thing just affects the thing next to it and so on and so on. its simply the fact that there are 'unklnowns' inside that spine area down to the cord ya know? ... (13 replies)
... Your MRI is complicated, but far from terrifying. For starters, the radiologist does not see cord impingement due to the herniated disks. ... (5 replies)
MRI help
Sep 17, 2011
... When spurs grow into the foraminal openings, they can impinge upon the the peripheral nerves as they leave the spinal cord and head down to your shoulders and arms. This is a condition often known as "radiculopathy", meaning "a problem with the root". ... (17 replies)

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