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Incision Healing
May 17, 2009
... d until I began writing again after surgery. Things I did not even realize were wrong were gone along with all the chest pain, left arm pain, lower back and leg problems and loss of strenght. It was really amazing. I have not been on any pain meds since 5 days post op. ... (21 replies)
... I talked to the nurse today. He said the incision feels like it does because of the "plastic surgery closure" the surgeon does. It was all done from the inside, and what I'm feeling is the incision healing. ... (6 replies)
Incision Healing
May 17, 2009
... Hopefully it helped hearing that at least someone else had the same thing going on. There are a lot of posts about the swallowing problems after surgery, but not alot when one is five or six weeks out. ... (21 replies)

... I am not really sure what your dizziness is caused by but i can tell you that your body can do some really strange things during your healing time because now that you have had your surgery your nerves and spinal cord are not being compressed anymore so they are trying to heal. ... (6 replies)
... For the incision, you may want to ask for a referral to doctors who specifically work on skin wounds, healing etc. Some healthy people find they don't recover as quickly from incisions, scrapes, cuts, etc. ... (1 replies)
... hard to swallow. It doesn't hurt but I choke. The doctor finally gave me liquid medication. I am still eating soft foods. My stiches were removed yesterday. The incision is bigger than I thought but looking really good. ... (8 replies)
... I have a close friend here in Juneau who also had a 5 level with fusion..both anterior and posterior surgery...she also had gait problems as well as weakness in her arm...both improved within two years..she did not think she would recover, but she just kept on keeping on and she improved. ... (18 replies)
... smoker, 240 lb, 6'2" Male with no significant health problems besides the herniated discs. ... (8 replies)
... On the incision the ends of the incision might be tighter because that is where they tie it off and in the healing process it could be stretching the skin a bit. You also probably have some hidded stiches in there that may be a little irritating. ... (8 replies)
... bdancer I can relate .........I only had that stuck pill sensation during the first few days....never had neck incision hurt , now at 3 weeks my throat feels funny and the incision hurts ......if it itched I would know it is just healing but it kinda hurts.......don't know ....... ... (20 replies)
Post report
Apr 15, 2006
... Tightness on the incision (I'm assuming on the neck) - Check! Rubber band - Check! This far out, I've even had the occasional rip type feeling (which I'm assuming is scar tissue being torn - its not on the outside! :D) So... All a go and par for the course on the incision. (26 replies)
Post Op 8 weeks
Nov 6, 2004
... and although I am much improved I am still having a lot of muscle spasms in my shoulders and I am still having a lot of problems with getting a good night's sleep. I am still taking Percocet once or twice a day and also Flexeril once a day. ... (7 replies)
... eel anything. You will be managed by other pain medicines after surgery to control the pain. The important thing is to take it easy and let your body heal. My incision site on my neck is healing very nicely, and to cover up the scar as it fades I've adopted a new fasion sense in neck scarfs. ... (11 replies)
... w me up, done! No bone spurs, spinal column problems, etc...I had some hoarseness for a few days, basically could eat whatever I wanted after about a week. The incision site has never bothered me. ... (10 replies)
... iting Larry... To answer you question about the Aspen, I really don't know. I have had my first check up 2 weeks after the operation. All is going well with the healing of the incision. They want me back the 16th of Oct. for x rays on the fusion! Sure hope that is healing like it should. ... (9 replies)
... He told me that the back one would "kick my butt" which it did. There was A LOT of pain involved in that incision site and it's going to take time for that to heal and get back to normal. ... (17 replies)
Creepy crawleys
Sep 21, 2006
... op problems from numbness to weakness on my right side. ... (1 replies)
... As far as the actual surgery goes i was very suprised at the healing time and the pain wasn't nearly as bad as i thought it would be. ... (4 replies)
... I do feel like I am feeling and doing well compared to others' posts I have been reading. I have no pain from the incision or surgical area that I can tell and have not been taking any pain meds since 10 days after my surgery, but I am still taking Flexiril for muscle spasms. ... (13 replies)
2 weeks post-op
Mar 8, 2004
... Previously I had been misdiagnosed with shoulder problems and had a shoulder scoping surgery just prior to Thanksgiving only to find my shoulder only had spurs, which is pretty normal for me. ... (11 replies)

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