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... I do feel like I am feeling and doing well compared to others' posts I have been reading. I have no pain from the incision or surgical area that I can tell and have not been taking any pain meds since 10 days after my surgery, but I am still taking Flexiril for muscle spasms. ... (13 replies)
... Hi, thanks for the reply. I give you little history of what happened and whats going on. I had the surgery on dec. 08. i wore a collar for 10 days and was released to work ib 3 weeks. I have a desk job. Soon as a woke up from surgery all my pain was gone. I felt great for about 6 weeks. I started increasing my activitiy and my nerve pain returned. From my neck down to forearm.... (2 replies)
Need info on this
Feb 14, 2009
... I hope this is the right way to respond to you. I just got home from the hospital an hour ago. My hip isn't bothering me either. The incision is quite long for the fusions and it hurts like heck but I expected that. ... (7 replies)

... s going well. The cold did set me back some. I'm sleeping without my collar and usually take a vicodin before bed and somewhere in the middle of the nite. The incision is healing nicely and the swelling is almost gone. My only problem are the muscle spasms, they are excruciating. ... (7 replies)
... Otherwise, my incision is healing well. I showered completely 1x so far and OMG, it was SO wonderful. I am doing it again tonight. Sleeping is becoming better. ... (1 replies)
... My neck still feels a little strange when I don't wear the collar. I think my collar has turned into a safety blanket.... But I know I'm healing well, feel great, no pain in my arm, or neck. If I touch my incision spot I feel a very small amount of pain, still tender. ... (26 replies)
... ve had a 4 level and 1 corpectomy done, 8 weeks ago this Thurs. I am in the Aspen collar. Gets to me sometimes, but I m doing everything the doc said to do. My incision is healing great. Its on my right side. ... (6 replies)
... long. Not bad at all. What wonderful things they can do today in surgery and how well they work in tiny places. It is healing really nice. When I go back to the docs on the 16th, they said I could start using Shea Butter on it, to reduce the scarring. ... (33 replies)
... ter. My throat is not sore anymore, but I do still have to eat smaller bites, due to the fact that my throat is still a bit swollen inside as well as outside. My incision is healing nicely. I have had my first check up, but go back in two weeks for x rays to see how the fusion is doing. ... (9 replies)
... And last but not least, has anyone used a tens machine or some sort of electrical muscle stimulator that has helped in healing and fusion? ... (7 replies)
... Hello there, What do the precautions on the label say on that cream? If it were me I would stop the cream see if the symptoms settle down. I would also stop that massage for a few days and see how it feels, you could be irritating the tissues. It could also be your nerves healing/waking up around the incision. (9 replies)
3 weeks Post Op
Feb 18, 2007
... As for swelling, I can honestly say at almost 4 weeks post op, I have very little, if any swelling. My incision site is tender but healing nicely, my surgeon did a fine job, he just didn't follow up with proper pain management. ... (3 replies)
... Angela, Well there are different opinions about using your own bone. I didn't because my sister had that done 3 years ago, and she still has pain there, and has to use painpatches, but to each his own, we have to do whatever we feel comfortable with. I don't remember what you call I had, but surgeon took my bone marrow and mixed with something else. I had that procedure... (8 replies)
... I am only 9 days out and I feel better than I did before my surgery. Even though I have muscle spasms (which I had before... and now have mostly in between my shoulder blades, which I see is very common), The main pain that I had on my left side, which was wrecking my life seems to be gone, thank God. Whatever that pain was, either a pinched nerve or bone spur (most likely)... (4 replies)
Creepy crawleys
Sep 21, 2006
... I get sore around my incision and the nerve pain in my hand is worse at night and when it rains. My NS says that all these problems will go away in time. I go back in Jan. ... (1 replies)
... that incision is like any other cut. OUCH! ... (2 replies)
... All in all, one of the better days... 3x skelaxin, 1x tylenol Headaches seem to be going away - perhaps the lack of tylenol? One thing that is starting to creep up on me is my throat. I've been battling with soreness / that stuck feeling for the past few days but it seems to have kicked into high gear this evening. (258 replies)
Mar 14, 2006
... I have enough pain meds to make it through the week. But I don't know if this new pain is just a normal part of the healing process that I need to go through, or if it's an new issue that needs to be addressed medically. ... (11 replies)
1 week post opt
Mar 2, 2005
... hi all i went to my 1 week appt with ns .everything is goin as planned, only thing that hurts is the plate and screws and plug, that gets better daily,2 more weeks and i can drive! the incision is bigger than i thought but it blends in well with the crease in my neck, the pain in my arm is gone but i feel new pains now lol hope thats just part of healing, we will see. i go see... (2 replies)
... I can stop wearing neck brace, don't need physical therapy. The lump in my throat will slowly get better but the odd, sharp pain in my incision might get worse as the nerves heal for the next couple months, but that will taper off by month 6. ... (1 replies)

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