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... It seems you jumped right back into activity pretty soon after surgery. Even though you're feeling good, you need to remember that your body went through a trauma - surgery - and needs time to heal. Inflammation is one of the body's natural reactions to trauma and, since you can't take anti-inflammatoriies (Tylenol and Vicodin are pain meds), the only way to make it better... (7 replies)
... after 2 ACDF surgeries, a year apart. ... (4 replies)
... Perhaps I have painted a picture that does not represent my NS's views. I simply got the report that a third party did. That's it. In other words, the place I get my MRI's done at, they get reviewed by... Radiologists (?).. Not sure if that is the right classificaiton, but it is reviewed by an MD and verified by another MD at a university hospital (which, by the way is... (258 replies)

... Has anyone been diagnosed with severe carpal tunnel syndrome following this ACDF surgery? ... (7 replies)
... Sometimes it can be immediately relieved post surgery. If it has been going on a long time there may be permanent nerve damage or may take a long time to disappear completely. ... (1 replies)
... Hi...I've done some browsing but am only five days post op and can't spend a lot of time on the computer. ... (6 replies)
... which basically means an inflammation of the joint in that area. And the throat thing is normal for most people coming out of the surgery. ... (9 replies)
... :D :D Hi there Lilacs:wave: Thanks for answering me, i had a ecg for my chest pains, and well its all good news there, Thank God for that.... um, my chest pains didn't show up though till like 3 months after my ACDF, what about you? were they there immediately after the op, like in a week or 2? because then it would make sense for me , but if it was the position l... (9 replies)
... I stand corrected by SpineAZ... who is right that a disk cannot "unherniate" and that the damage is done. It's like a deflated tire. However, I was in therapies for over a year "post-accident" to maximize the healing process of reducing swelling and inflammation, and strengthening muscles and ligaments that were compromised in the crash, to see whether the disk would... (11 replies)
... ll you surgeon not your family doctor. Just keep using a heating pad or ice down watch your movements and all should feel better in time. So far after a month of post I don't get any of the pain the I was getting before the surgery. ... (9 replies)
... Hi! I'm still only about 2 months post op...I had a lot of swallowing problems the first six weeks or so but things have improved. ... (3 replies)
... inflammation is causing the scar tissue to press now in a place where it won't once the inflammation has receded? ... (258 replies)
... Estelle, so sorry you're having these pains. I had an 2 level ACDF with Corpectomy on the 5th of Feb. I think we are about at the same time of recovery, I am almost 4 weeks out.. ... (9 replies)
... I raise this question because as of tomorrow I am 5 weeks post ACDF...and some of my symptoms feel worse today than they did before my surgery...particularly as I have mentioned in previous posts... ... (20 replies)
... it may still be a nerve thing. My family doctor said that because of where the pain is radiating that it would be that C6 nerve. I am wonder if this is all nerve inflammation that will go away with time? ... (9 replies)
... I wonder how long it will last. I want to get back to where I was 8 months post op. I could have written your post only I was 8 months out of a 2 level when I was rear ended. Thankfully I was the only one in the car and the car in front of me had just turned. ... (4 replies)
... at this radiating pain from the left side of my neck into my shoulder and down my arm to my left thumb and index finger is being caused by muscle spasm and nerve inflammation and that it will pass in time. I am 5 weeks post op and still waiting for this to PASS. I am doing physical therapy as well but getting litttle relief. ... (9 replies)
... I am going crazy waiting for the results of my MRI. I will post when I here from the doc. ... (8 replies)
... min, 10 min off does seem to help. For whatever reason, ice does not! It is an inflammation so ... I would suggest trying that... But careful of the ice. ... (258 replies)
... As far as the weakness goes...again, during this surgery there are millions of nerve endings and larger nerves that are moved and aggravated. With the inflammation inside from this type of can take time for the nerves to calm back down. ... (6 replies)

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