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... Was wondering if any of you have experienced involuntary muscle movement? ... (12 replies)
... Many involuntary pains and spasms result from spinal cord impingement. ... (12 replies)
... These aren't what I would call muscle spasms. Those hurt. This doesn't hurt at all. It is like different areas of my body are moving and I am not telling them to do it. If that makes sense. ... (12 replies)

... You could be having bad muscle spasms due to your spinal problem. ... (12 replies)
... SL, This is probably NOT your problem, as it is rare, but wanted to just throw it out there just in case. Sometimes "uncontrollable body movement" can be caused by a severe reaction to medication. Stress can supposedly exacerbate the reaction. I mention this only because you say the movements are not painful, and because you are apparently having them all over, rather... (12 replies)
... Umm, yes. I have tons, hands, shoulders, back, neck, fingers, thumbs and cramping in various places. Weird sensations, twitches, etc... muscle relaxers help sometimes. Stress makes it much worse. My NS says it is not related, I don't believe it for one minute. ... (12 replies)
... Pearldoves - Hello! No I have not had surgery yet. My diagnosis are herniations at 3/4, 4/5/ 5/6 and stenosis throughout. I don't know the specific size of the stenosis (i.e, how much space is left in the spinal canal) but it is getting worse. My docs don't think that I'm ready for surgery yet, i.e, because I don't match or show the typical cervical spine/stenosis... (12 replies)
... Ditto to Puparoo...twitch, buzz, weird movements. All waxes and wanes...I watched my ring finger do a little dance on its own last night. Strange...we all have cervical problems and docs say not related? Very doubtful. (12 replies)
... puparoo - what's your DX? have you had a surgery yet? (12 replies)
... Yes I get these quite frequently, on a day to day basis, some days worse than others. Its like different parts of my body will jerk quickly, not painful, except when I get it in my neck & both arms at the same time, then the muscles are quite sore for a few days. I will get them in a foot or a leg, even my stomach sometimes. My hands especially fingers do it a lot. I will... (12 replies)
... I too have had twiches, and what i call "star bursts" of pain in my muscles.....the pain comes on intense, quick and then gone........ Makes you wonder at all the nerves can do....... (12 replies)
... yes - I had a lot of that sort of "tremors" before surgery. Now pretty much just my right ring finger moves with a mind of its own and ocassionally I'll get a twitch elsewhere. (12 replies)
... have you had a surgery recently, I'm sorry I can't remember (12 replies)
... pression, other than the term "Moderate" was used in the description. Again, that's been over a year and a half ago and I've been just living with it and taking Muscle Relaxers and Pain Killers as needed. My pain levels AND my symptoms really didn't seem to change much over that period of time. ... (10 replies)
... crawling feelings in feet, occasional muscle twitches, involuntary finger movement etc. etc. ... (4 replies)
... tly i am unable to put one foot in front of other as i forget momentarily how to walk. my red leg has tremors and my son describes the action as though im having involuntary spasms but my brain doesnt seem to be telling my right leg what to do and my leg is looking for land but its not able to put down. ... (2 replies)
... started or exacerbated my issues because this is when I started experiencing my imbalance, gait disturbances, blurry vision, pressure headaches, neck pain, and muscle spasms. ... (5 replies)
To: joha?
Oct 29, 2002
... Hi Diane: Got this from a website: Arachnoiditis is a chronic inflammation of the arachnoid layer of the meninges, which are the coverings of the brain and spinal cord. The most severe form is Adhesive Arachnoiditis, which may be progressive. The scarring produced by the disease causes many symptoms, the most debilitating of which is pain, typically constant and of a... (3 replies)

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