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... I am at my wits end. I have been living through some of the hardest days of my life and am being told there is nothing that can be done. My family doctor is spearheading a request to Lahey Clinic in Boston. I would love to hear peoples thoughts. ... (2 replies)
Cervical stenosis
Oct 29, 2008
... o do w this but my PC does. I see a NS in 2 wks for a consult. If he does not think my symptoms are related then my PC will have a lumbar punctur done to rule in or out MS or bacteria. You said earlier you had a LP, and MRI and it showed nothing, right? ... (20 replies)
... The word "stenosis" simply means "closing up". The question is why and what else is going on. Do you have spinal nerve compression with it or spinal cord compression? ... (7 replies)

... car accident back in the 80's., oh and my facet joints are basically rubbing bone to bone. So, anyway I have constant chronic pain in my lower back which makes it hard to sit, hard to stand and very hard to walk, along with my FEET. The pain in my feet, mainly the left one is so severe its dibilitating.... ... (3 replies)
... spine is below. I called a different radiologist to review it and he said that the nerve that is being pinched is actually the C7 not C8 and I do have a significant herniation and does correlate with all of my symptoms except the burning feet "possibly". ... (3 replies)
Cervical stenosis
Oct 29, 2008
... and is noted as mild to moderate. My big concern is my pains have been everywhere from a random toe, entire foot, opposite ankle, and pains in my hands. ... (20 replies)
... hands upward. It can also cause trigger points in the scapular region. Since you have MS have you considered an event? ... (3 replies)
... Thanks Jenny....I do know that it is a spinal cord compression. I do have a neuro surgeon and he has shown me the MRI but I dont recall the severity of the compression. It is all so overwhelming. ... (7 replies)
... ar spine mri's. I will try and remember to put the date at the top of each, as none are real current. My goal is to see if any of you can help me figure out what is causing my horrible burning nerve pain at the top back of my left shoulder and throbbing headaches in lower left back of head. ... (11 replies)
... And yeah, it's weird how similar the symptoms of cervical stenosis are with MS. ... (5 replies)
... have evolved. Now I have significant muscle atrophy in both thighs, as well as in the left calf. The atrophy happened so quickly that I can't even pinpoint when it day I just woke up and noticed my runner's legs were just quads were skin and bones. ... (3 replies)
... Now I am curious about some general issues which may or may not be connected...for which I would appreciate feedback. ... (1 replies)
... thanks so much for replying to my post, I will have medicare as of feb 01, I have a neuro , I want to delve further and find out the cause of some other symptoms that I thought were not related to my stenosis ,such as the facial issues and I can't see my present neuro doing that, I will probably go back to her because she does take medicare, and maybe we get get to the bottom... (19 replies)
... om like restless leg syndrome started almost immediately but since I had never had any restless symptoms in my prior 62 years I only felt uncomfortable and wrote it off to healing.Over the next two years I have dealt with associated low back and worse, sciatica pains in my legs. ... (10 replies)
... Main thing is I can live with this upper limb stuff as long as I'm not doing harm by leaving it alone. ... (6 replies)
... so eh sent me for brain and cervical MRI and Thoracic Spine without Contrast. No lesions thus far, I guess which is good. But what do you think about these MRI results. ... (3 replies)
... so eh sent me for brain and cervical MRI and Thoracic Spine without Contrast. No lesions thus far, I guess which is good. But what do you think about these MRI results. ... (0 replies)
... and that was done on June 24,2013 HE called me up and told me that the plates and screws are fine but I am not fused and the reason I am hurting on my right side is because I have a bugle and it is touching my cord some.So,the nurse that is on my case went and gotten a different opinion this new doctor order a CT Scan. ... (1 replies)
... I found out that I have moderate cervical stenosis at two disks. The doctor said that my neck formed that way. I am experiencing some pain and weird feelings on my left foot. ... (2 replies)
... But medically some of the books and docs feel that myelopathy from stenosis is rare in the not senior citizen population. Myelopathy from ms or infection , or stenosis is still myelopathy , and behaves very similarly. So maybe it is best to rule everything else out first, What do I know? ... (4 replies)

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