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... A posterior cervical surgery is more painful than the anterior. I had an ACDF and then two years later a posterior cervical foraminotomy. ... (11 replies)
... numbing going from the right of my spine towards my right shoulder. This would be periodic, now it is constant. ... (3 replies)
... C5 that needs surgery. My myelogram was done last week to look at the disc again. ... (9 replies)

... be. I was so terrified I could not stop shaking. The last test I had was the dreaded discogram and I call that the test from hell. The mylegram was not really painful at all. There was discomfort from having to lie on my stomach and not move for about 30 minutes. My arms began to get cramped. ... (2 replies)
... Hi...we usually deal with MRI's here but I supposed the myelogram is similar. ... (3 replies)
... I don't know much about a myelogram. Is that painful? ... (3 replies)
... ks so much for your response. I've been in constant pain for going on two years now, and at this point I feel like I have no quality of life at all. My problem is that after I had my accident at work, I was terminated two weeks later so now I have no health insurance so I'm kinda stuck with WC doctors. ... (4 replies)
... al tap years ago and it was a horrible experience. It leaked and I had to go back and have another one done with a blood patch. But my neurosurgeon said this one is necessary. He wants to see how much damage has been done to my spinal cord and take a sample at the same time for the M.S. ... (22 replies)
... A myelogram is also a great test to over the discogram and it is less painful. Was you MRI With contrast? ... (10 replies)
Apr 1, 2005
... I am not trying to scare you anymore than what you already are but when i had the myelogram it was absolutely horrible. I could tolerate the needle going in but when they injected the dye it was really weird. ... (11 replies)
... my chronic lumbar pain. I have a pacemaker so cannot do MRI's. Yesterday, I had my 4th myelogram. Twice before, I've had to have blood patches. The good news is it looks like I've avoided needing another blood patch this time. ... (0 replies)
... He also said that he wants to get a "Myelogram". That way he can see how bad the spinal cord is being compressed. ... (27 replies)
Mar 26, 2003
... I know a discogram is not exactly the same thing. In the CT myelogram, they inject dye into the cord. It is painful, and not a lot of fun, but it gives a better picture of some things than an MRI. ... (10 replies)
... Hi there & I hope you find some kind of relief for your pain... I first went to a PM that my PCP referred me to & he did the following as well. I had the injections done to my facet joints in the cervical area. They did not help either. So the PM sent me to an Ortho & he sent me for a myleogram. Then to a Neuro just to check with him for surgery set up. With my... (5 replies)
... dont see alot of them mentioned on the boards, I do see the discograms which I know have picked up problems a MRI can miss. I am curious as to why they ordered a myelogram for you. I had a doctor speak of one in the past but he never ordered it, wish he would have. ... (15 replies)
... Esmo and Wimpette I feel bad for both of you that you had to have your surgery redone. Esmo, I know you said that your fusion didn't work. Are you in the "same" pain as before? I have just found out that my fusion didn't work either and I had my surgery 14 months ago and was told after a car accident that my titanium pins and plates were still in place and that they... (18 replies)
... success rate. So he says! The MRI i had was without contrast and of course where the titanium cages are it is indeed hazy. ... (19 replies)
... m hoping he can explain what is going on. ... (7 replies)
... r control, and my hands seem to work better. My gait and balance seem better, though I'm still sometimes off balance when I stand from sitting, walking straight is easier. ... (0 replies)
... I had shoulder and neck pain beginning in 2009 and increasing while going to PT and having injections. Then I had a rotator cuff repair and decompression surgery in 2010. Got better for awhile, then after 5 months pain increased throughout neck, shoulder, upper arm with tingling and numbness down to fingers while I was losing Range of Motion and strength in neck and shoulder.... (3 replies)

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