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... Thanks for the support Janatee I am really in the slumps about this whole thing. ... (4 replies)
... jennybyc, Its me Janatee. My surgery is done, and I'm home to recover. So glad I came across what you wrote, about the "pain",, This one is rough. Doc told me it would be, and he was right. The muscles in the back of my shoulders, hurt, hurt and hurt. Pain meds do the trick, and I keep on a good pain schedule. I can not let this pain get away from me.... But that... (5 replies)
... Thank you Jantee, I have been looking into it as you said on the net, but it only refers to 1 or 2 discs, mine is the whole c-spine and when he showed it to me on screen it was pretty thick and wide. He also said it was genetic. I also early this year had an laminectomy on my L3/L4 & L4/L5 which turned out to be what they call a failed laminectomy syndrome (?), I now can... (4 replies)

... r back pain usually causes pain in the hip, leg, etc. area. I would look into taking care of my neck first and then go from there. No matter what Judy, just like Janatee said, don't put this off. I can honestly tell you the problem you are having won't go away by itself. I use to think that too when I first had these problems. ... (33 replies)
... Hello Janatee and Glorifay: Janatee, Yes, that has been in the back of my mind about waiting too long to go see a surgeon. I think I am kidding myself in thinking these problems might go away!! I just don't know which problem to address first, the neck problem or the lower back problem! I suppose I should think about the back first, as if that gets worse, then I am afraid... (33 replies)
... (33 replies)
... Hi Janatee and Sadie, Thanks for the messages! You two have sure been through a heck of a lot! ... (33 replies)
... Janatee, thanks for the welcome! Phew, after reading your post, I am sweating and having a major hot nerves got all jumbled up reading what you have been through. I have read a few posts so far that said the pain isn't too bad after the surgery, and glad you told me that also. All my problems are just from degenerating disc's; never had an accident or injury.... (33 replies)
... (9 replies)
... Janatee- Hello DonnaKay, Yes, I had these symptoms BEFORE my lumbar surgery. I started stumbling on and off. So I had a lot of test taken (MRI) and this showed I had Spinal Stenosis. That eventually led me to the lumbar operation. Opening up the canal to relieve the pressure worked wonders, plus I had a build up of bone calcification pressing on the nerve. This right here... (5 replies)
... Hello Janatee, I wasn't sure if you were looking for some info from me with regards to your legs or about the cervical spine. In regards to your leg symptoms I would suggest you see your PCP and perhaps he can refer you to a neurologist. I can empathize with you. I have had numerous surgeries on my lumbar spine and one in the thoracic spine and have alot of neuropathy... (9 replies)
... Hello Feelgood, I have seen many of your post, and this one sure did sound like my problems. I will try to make this short and to the point. These are the symptoms I have right now. Left leg heavy, numb from the knee down. Sometimes my big toe and the next toe curl up or I should say under. That last for a few minutes then they go back to normal. I can't feel my toes... (9 replies)
... Janatee: Yes, the posterior approach is more painful - it's simply due to the fact that they go through muscle (which they don't do in an ACDF). I had a C5-C7 ACDF 5/06 and a posterior foraminotomy (and partial fusion with bone) 5/08. However, since my ACDF hardware and fusion were solid I did not have to wear the Aspen collar again. Since I had one the doc just... (12 replies)
... Glad everything went well Janatee. The posterior approach is a rough surgery but if it's needed, it's needed. You'll find adding muscle relaxers along with the pain meds will help too but not before driving(don't ask!). If your doc orders any PT, talk to them about using electric stimulation on those neck muscles. it works them for you until they get tired and can relax on... (5 replies)
... Hi--looking at my post, don't know where "Janatee" came up? Every Doc gives different instructions--basically I had 2 collars so I wore a collar in the shower as well. I keep my arms bent close to my side so I don't lift overhead to wash. When I was out of the collar at 2 weeks for the X-ray--it felt weird--like it wouldn't support me and I went to move and it was pain--the... (23 replies)
... Hi Janatee-- I felt the same way about doing this-- oh it isn't so bad, so why am I doing this "preventative neurosurgery"--the concept of that was alien. I felt only people with horrific pain needed surgery. Now, I am glad that I did it--of course I am not at work yet! The myelopathy is a weird duck--actually by the time they scheduled surgery (I have an HMO) my... (23 replies)
... Jennybyc, I found out I will be having the surgery on Wed. April 22nd. I go Friday for all the pre-op stuff, and have been getting things done around the house. My husband will stay with me in the Hospital. The last neck surgery, I was in for 2 nights, and came home on the 3rd. I hope that will be for this one.... Please keep good thoughts, for I will certainly keep my... (12 replies)
... Hello Robbie, First, let me say the people on these boards are great. They give honest and do not hold back advice. I have posted many questions, looking for others who were in the same boat. I have talked with jennybyc many times, and others. I must tell you that I'm waiting to hear when my new surgery will be on my neck, Posterior Cervical. I have had the front done... (21 replies)
... Janatee My experience with the rear approach really wasn't awful. See my answer to the Pastor and my prior posts. MOST of my symptoms improved and actually 3 + years later I still see improvment slowly (central nerves take a long time to heal). I still have a walking problem and three MRI's post surgery all show the same result - some C5-C6 constriction but not bad... (12 replies)
... jennybyc, I'm sorry to bother you once again, but I need to know, once you had the Posterior operation, DID YOUR SYMPTOMS GO AWAY??? I know you said you had numbness, and could hardly move your legs to walk.. did that get better... I pray, that this operation will do the trick. I know, it might take weeks or months to feel different, but I have so much hope that this is... (12 replies)

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