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... Do a search on Dr. Jho. There are posts here. He is tough to get set up with. Your insurance may not allow it either. Your symptoms are a bit odd...the feet are not common with cervical spine. Finger and hand numbness and tingling is common. Legs and feet are usually lower back L5-S1. Dennis (10 replies)
... I'm really going to look into Dr. Schiffer and Dr. JHO. No one has responded as to their experiences with these minimally invasive techniques. So if you're out there, please drop me a line. I know Dr. Jho is pretty reputable and has helped some people. Don't know so much about Dr. ... (12 replies)
... I think I'm going to look into Dr Jho and Dr. Schiffer. Minimally invasive, no fusion techniques would be great. ... (12 replies)

... Dr. Hae Dong Jho a the Jho Institute for Minimally INvasive Surgery at Allegheny General Hospital in Pittsburgh, PA should be able to take care of your problems without a fusion. ... (20 replies)
... intments with different neurosurgeons.... the best you can find. You at least need to get a second opinion, and you might want a third. You might also call Dr. Jho or Dr. Shiffer... or another doc who does minimally invasive surgery. I know if you send your MRI films to Dr. Jho, he will give a free opinion. ... (16 replies)
... of your life. At this time, if you don't have severe stenosis and the pain is not too bad, I think you have time to do research and to figure out options. Dr. Jho will review your MRI films for free, if you want to do that. ... (3 replies)
... I just wanted to tell you that you are in a good state. PA that is. There is a doctor in Pittsburg named Dr. Jho. He specializes in minimally invasive surgeries and from what I read on this and other back boards, he is highly regarded. ... (11 replies)
... Hi, Melanie Dawn; Thanks for your reply to my virgin post to this board. You said/asked: "Some reversal may happen if taken care of quickly. But the main reason is still to halt the progression of symptoms. Do you have the hyper reflexes and spacticity? When do you see your surgeon and make some decisions?" I'm not troubled as yet with any measurable hyper-reflexes or... (16 replies)
... Minimally Invasive Spinal Surgery While the ACMF is usually billed as a MISS, I would probably consider it a moderately invasive spinal surgery since, while it does preserve the disc, does involve the removal of bone. ... (8 replies)
... in addition to travel concerns, a lot of the minimally invasive doctors don't take insurance... ... (14 replies)
... ning to make an appointment with Dr. Youngblood in San Antonio who has done some neck surgeries for WWE wrestlers. I also found out of state NS names such as Dr. Jho and Dr. Bonati who all do minimally invasive surgeries. But I am not sure my insurance will cover out of state medical treatment. ... (10 replies)
... sterior foraminatomy 2 years ago. Something went wrong and he became paralyzed and eventually passed away.My reasearch has discovered a doctor in Piitsburg, Dr. Jho ,who pioneered a minimally invasive procedure requiring no bone fusion and no discectomy. Has anyone had experience with him? ... (10 replies)
... Lettie - Make sure that you get a recommendation from a NeuroSURGEON as well as the ortho. It does sound as if herniations are pressing on the nerves (weakness, etc.). I had a 3 level ACDF C4/5/6/7 and had I known what I do now, I would have gone to see someone like Dr. Jho (a minimally invasive spine surgeon) to see if my problems could have been handled without such a... (12 replies)
... They are making you wait 6 months? Then you must not be un bend over excruciating pain. You should consider yourself lucky. I have DDD at 6/7, Herniated posterior and anterior at c5/6, and herniated posterior at c4/5. Fortunately not a lot of pain, but I won't be doing surgery. Read all you can about the Anatomy of the Discs. Read about "resorption" not "reabsorbtion" -... (80 replies)
... Coach - Dennis is right about the surgical outcomes. We are on these back support websites for one or more of the following reasons: 1. New to back problems, being proactive in researching our condition. 2. Proud owner of a failed back surgery. Looking for sympathy and possible solutions to the situation. I think that the majority of back surgeries go just fine. ... (12 replies)
L4-L5-S1 fusion
Oct 26, 2003
... her thread where you posted, but remember that fusion is forever. Consider getting another opinion to make sure the fusion is needed, send your MRI films to Dr. Jho to see if his Minimally invasive procedures might help you. ... (4 replies)
... If you are told that a fusion is necessary, consider sending your MRI films to Dr. Jho in Pittsburg, PA to see if his minimally invasive techniques might be used instead. ... (8 replies)
... like the ones performed by Dr. Jho in Pittsburgh, PA or Microspine in Florida. This allows surgical treatment without fusion. ... (10 replies)
Jul 27, 2003
... of the woods that does minimally invasive surgeries on the back. His name is Dr. Jho and his practice is in Pittsburg. Quite a few people on this board have gone to see him with successful results. ... (5 replies)
... preciate the advice. A friend of mine is having a lumbar disc decompression this week so I am anxious to see how it helps her. I will definitely check into the minimally invasive procedures. ... (22 replies)

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