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... e surprised that you even had an operation. I don't mean to make light of your situation, because your symptoms are what they are, but I have to say I'd trade my MRI for yours gladly. ... (9 replies)
... I am awaiting my referral to see the Rheumatologist, who will hopefully refer me for another MRI to see what is going on. ... (9 replies)
... Thanks Molly, they rescheduled the mri for monday. Since i am allergic to iodine I have to take some meds before the mri. I go to the ortho doc next thur. I will let you know what they find. ... (8 replies)

Acdf c-6-7
Apr 11, 2012
... when any surgeon will not allow a follow up type of MRI after the patient is actually showing much worse not there pre op symptoms, something really just is soo not right there. ... (10 replies)
... This was the last MRI that I had. After this both the surgeon and the pain doctor told me that there was no fragments, and that it was actually a shadow on the mri... ... (9 replies)
... I actually did not have pain in my right shoulder and arm before the surgery. I had the pain after the surgery. ... (22 replies)
... rays, CatScan and MRI and my reports....I am again not knowing what to do... ... (22 replies)
... I read how your ears haven't gotten any better. After you have your MRI when will you have an appointment to see your neuro? ... (25 replies)
... and go. Everybody is different and everybody can heal in different ways and at a different pace, I think its WAY too soon for you to start getting discouraged, after all, this is major and very sensitive surgery and we've only been out around a month and a half at that. Give yourself a couple more months or more. ... (15 replies)
... anyway I can live with that given my results...The MRI revealed that all other disks are in leaky spinal cord infection... ... (20 replies)
MRI Analyses
Sep 21, 2012
... I also have not heard of someone needing to be in a collar for 3 months after ACDF surgery. ... (35 replies)
... And very happy holidays to one and all. I'm set for surgery in a few weeks. I did have a MRI after my car accident but not with contrast. ... (6 replies)
... ough to tolerate. Maybe I have been somewhat quiet since my dr. appoint. last week, when I went in kind of worried about all the symptoms and requesting a brain MRI along with the spinal tommorrow, of which I was denied. ... (25 replies)
... hea is fairly straight to get the tube in for general anesthesia, its not to the point were you would look straight up, ok, well let me know what came out of the MRI okay. ... (8 replies)
... ntil 4 months. just curious about that. My ortho doc said there are other ways such as a nerve block under local. I havent got to that point we will see what the MRI shows Thur. ... (8 replies)
Pain after ACDF
Sep 30, 2004
... Hello Everybody, Thanks for the responses, it sure feels good to have friends out there who feel with you, Thanks. Well here is the update, I had the MRI last Friday and met with my Doc today and the response was: " you have a great deal of rotator cuff tendinitis and tendinosis on the distal supraspinatus" Well in plain english the tendons of the shoulder are inflammed... (13 replies)
... Hi, I am new to this board so please bear with this long explanation of history. Post-surgery symptoms: pain - neck, shoulder, down arm to elbow, shoulder blade (all left side), tingling and numbness- same areas including left side of face and both hands (mostly left) vision: problems in the very beginning-fuzziness, spots, also headaches and dizziness Broke down and... (7 replies)
... I woke up after surgery still in the exact same pain. I went home the next day and never felt any better, the exact pain was still there. ... (22 replies)
... rgsmoose - thanks for the long reply - it sounds like you've been through a lot. I'm lucky my symptoms are mild, but I've read a lot about myelopathy that says similar stuff about the improvement - its mainly about stopping progression - and you seem to be confirming this (unfortunately ;-) ) Rob. (6 replies)
... check, I asked about the increasing loss of muscle tone in my right arm. That led to an MRI and then the first of my cervical surgeries, due to myelopathy as well as radiculopathy. ... (6 replies)

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