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... don't remember all the specifics. That was diagnosed by MRI late last Nov. Saw the neurosurgeon on Dec 20th and he scheduled me for surgery IMMEDIATELY. ... (4 replies)
A little concerned
Mar 28, 2007
... Jewels - obviously you wont know until you have a cervical spine MRI, but it certainly sounds like you can have some c-spine issues that is causing the gait (walking) issues. My problems started with tightness in the knee, then that got better and my husband noticed my arm wasn't swinging, then my walking deteriorated. By the time I had surgery (about 16 months after... (1 replies)
... op acdf it is not that throat hurt 100x more than my neck ever did!! Don't listen to them!! ... (12 replies)

Non Fusion Option
Jan 22, 2007
... re in my neck. He offered the nonfusion to me and the incision would be at the back of my neck and to be honest, I'm thinking about it. So, yes, this can be done after the fusions. My doctor stated to me that it was common for the disc under the fusions to become "compromised". I am going to try the epidural injections first. ... (34 replies)
... or MRI on the cervical spine with contrast. I will also inquire about a Internal Medicine Doc. ... (13 replies)
Update-saw NS
Oct 20, 2006
... other surgeon. 3 weeks later, pretty much the same story, but this surgeon said it in a different way, wants to take it a little bit slower, wants to see a newer MRI in December and isn't even sure if he would do an acdf or a laminectomy. ... (4 replies)
... bursitis. The doctor thought I tore my rotator cuff again and he did unecessary surgery only to find out my shoulder was fine, minus a few spurs. He then did an MRI of my neck only to find out my spinal cord was being crushed. After I had my ACDF the pain went away totally in my shoulder. I never once had neck pain. ... (6 replies)
... Muscles that get damged in car accidents, generally called whiplash, can take a really long time to heal. Almost 2 years later after a car accident and 3 years from an ACDF, my muscles are still not right. The doctor has indicated I most likely have permanent damage. ... (2 replies)
... My MRI sounded very similar to yours. ... (20 replies)
Neck cracking
Jul 29, 2006
... occurs frequently and is bothersome would lead me to reccomend seeing your physician. Usually the first step, if you are not already being treated, is an xray. After that, and if needed, your physican may reccomend an MRI and possible referral to a neurosurgeon or orthopedic spine surgeon. ... (5 replies)
... d compression at any level can manifest itself in variable symptoms throughout the body, though they are more likely to occur in certain areas...I haven't had an MRI of my lower back...but I am hoping after tomorrow it will be a moot point...God willing!...Good luck to you with your symptoms... ... (10 replies)
... noticed you stopped posting, I had hope for you that you had improved and gone back to a more normal life, so I'm so sorry to hear that it hasn't gotten better. After my 2nd ACDF I had improvement, but still haven't gotten back to being pain free. ... (9 replies)
... Personally, I would ask for an MRI with contrast BEFORE subjecting yourself to new things... ... (5 replies)
... on the left side. After a few weeks therapy it went to the right side. MRI verified this. I eventually had to have an ACDF. Hopefully you won't have to go that route. ... (5 replies)
... level acdf in a few weeks and i'm still a little scared, but i'm also ready to feel better and maybe get back to a "normal" life again. ... (12 replies)
... I went to see the neuro surgeon today after having my MRI and X-rays done. It appears that all is well, the fusion has taken and I do have athritis. He did notice that my bottom screw on C7 is broken, it is at over a 33 degree angle halfway down the screw and barely hanging on to the main part of the screw. I questioned him on this and he swears up and down that this would NOT... (4 replies)
... ugh you are only allowed 3 in a six month period. I was on neurontin which didn't help and vicodin for the pain. The physical therapy didn't really help me and after much discussion with my doctor we decided to go ahead with surgery. I had a severly pinched nerve along with bulging and stenosis. ... (29 replies)
... I am now a full year postop after both ACDF and PCDF from C2 through C6 (four levels) with plating and donor grafting. The first three months were no picnic and it has taken me a full year of recuperation to feel near normal again. I had been suffering for over 10 years prior to surgery and I was 74 at the time of surgery, but all in all I feel it was very worthwhile to have... (42 replies)
... a mess, so can imagine what the mri will show. Sounds like I will have some "add ons" too. At this point "bring it on" I am not living like this. ... (15 replies)
... relief from both blocks. The freezing lasted like going to the dentist, it wore off after about an hour. Apparently the Radio Freq. burning of the nerves can last from 6 months to a year. I will take it!!! I just hope I get some relief. ... (17 replies)

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