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... The one thing that I am so thankful for after surgery, is not having that overall dull pain, that you can't explain, but makes you feel ill. I used to feel sick from that pain. ... (10 replies)
... he told me they would schedule the surgery after the discogram, and then sent me to some other docs for more tests. ... (6 replies)
... From my experience - the myelogram shows more/better than the MRI's and/or CT scans. That said, my neurosurgeon told my husband after surgery (ACDF C5/6 on 4/15) that the disc was "much bigger than the tests showed." So, even myelograms must have their limitations. No one would have known unless they opened me up. I'd also be interested in hearing more about your friend. (4 replies)

... ACDF with donor bone March 8, 2004. I am still having so much pain, it never got better after surgery. ... (7 replies)
New Pains/Symptoms
Apr 20, 2004
... hi kathy sorry to here you in such pain i too have had 2 weeks of excruciating pain and cannot wait until may 6 th to get surgery acdf w/donor bone and platinghope it relieves some of the pain but neurosurgeon says because i waited 2 years the only thing he can do is save the use of my lt arm i also am having a tinling feeling run up the lt side of my face it started 3 weeks... (9 replies)
... hiro manipulate your lower back etc. My hips, sacra iliac always go out and I now know exercises and adjustment to prevent my back slipping out as often. I had acdf and he does not adjust neck but works on striated muscles against the neck and shoulder and his inhouse massage therapist does up under my skull. ... (8 replies)
... pped out of place. This, in effect, put a bend or kink in the canal. The surgeon I was referred to said that this was a dangerous situation and recommended the ACDF fusion surgery immediately. ... (7 replies)
Snap, Crackle, Pop
Feb 11, 2004
... very bad crack and immediate pain in my neck about a month ago and it felt like my vertabrae had broken in two. Both my Neurologist and Neurosurgion told me the MRI on Jan 26 th 2004 showed the fussion was iffy and there would be some noise, The physiotherapist told me it was scar tissue. ... (5 replies)
... I had a cervical lamenectomy in July of 97. After PT and time I was as good as new, and have been able to do aboput anything I wanted , until last fall. ... (0 replies)
... It's been awhile since I've been around with the Holiday hectic and all. My ACDF is scheduled for Jan. 26th. I guess I feel a bit of anticipation but also scared and unsure. I had an appt. ... (14 replies)
... ation worse by fusing these, starting exactly what you are trying to avoid as well, the dreaded domino effect. He said if he did the operation, I'd be back year after year as he operated over and over as the degeneration accellerated sequentially on those above that level. ... (9 replies)
Now what?
Dec 2, 2003
... othing. SO I went all summer swimming in our pool and getting out worse and using a new epiliptical instead of my treadmill and getting worse till that November after the April 00 fall I woke up on in bed paralyzed down the right side and couldn't move for the pain down my arm. etc. ... (6 replies)
... I still haven't got the results or had a chance to speak to my neuro surgeon as he is on Holiday even though my MRI films are back. ... (8 replies)
... I have been doing okay with keeping the pain undercontrol, until I went and had my hair cut. After flexing my neck over the shampoo bowl, I have been in agony all night, but hey! ... (3 replies)
... I was out of the hard collar after 2 weeks. The muscles in my neck feel fine. My upper back is still tender though. So far, yoga seems to be working ok for me. ... (5 replies)
... chance of success... then go for it. But you have to trust your gut instincts... after you have found the best doctor you can. It's not an easy decision... but ask yourself how open your doc has been with you.... ... (24 replies)
... I didn't return to work until after 6 weeks and my NS actually wanted me to stay out another 2 weeks, but my dh lost his job, and well, that was that. ... (17 replies)
Oct 7, 2003
... WR, I am trying to take care of myself. Going to bed earlier and after next week, I will be back to working only 3 days a week. Got to pay all these darn medical bills. They really pile up, don't they? ... (15 replies)
... You aren't alone. Lots of us have the occipital headaches and they typically get worse after you have laid down for awhile. ... (4 replies)
... can overmedicate themselves. I was just desperate for any type of relief. Took Ultram,Aleve, and Tylenol all day. Sure could have used my hydrocodone, especially after a 13 hour work day. Praise God I have the next 4 days off. ... (9 replies)

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