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... I went back to see my orthopedist today - now he is saying that although my symptoms are not classic for herniated discs in the neck, he thinks that I have some myleopathy going on and that if I don't have surgery it could get worse - even to the point where I lose all coordination and it becomes irreversible. I also saw a nuerosurgeon today and he said I needed surgery as... (4 replies)
... Hi Memer and welcome to the boards. I recently had an ACDF done the end of February. I also had spinal cord compression and was diagnosed with mild myleopathy. First two weeks after surgery were okay but then again I was on massive meds. Then the weakness in my legs came back and now pain in lower back. Sometimes I have stabbing and burning sensations in right thigh and... (11 replies)

... Unfortunately severe osteoarthritis of the spine is fairly common in people your age. Dropping things and gait disturbance are symptoms of myelopathy which is basically spinal cord damage which could be due to severe compression of your spinal cord. Yes, it is possible the trouble walking is due to something else, but I think it is definitely worth getting checked out by a... (5 replies)
... Thanks so much for taking your time to answer me. I am 73, but very active. No pain, Cspine filled with Arthritis, I think they call it spondylosis. Do not stumble, drop things a little trouble walking a straight line but that could be because 6 months ago I broke 4 bones in my ankle, Very high, non-supportive shoes. I have osteopina. My neck cracks when I move it,... (5 replies)
... medlinfla I have been in this very situation. The reason I got it all checked out was because at first my pain was unbearable and with weakness in the tricep, forearm and lats. The pain subsided after a few months and I mentioned this to my surgeon. He said that even though the pain had diminished, the pressing issue is the neurological problems. As you say you used to... (5 replies)
... At 4mm you certainly have compression of your spinal cord. At C5/C6 your spinal cord would be at least 7mm normally. That much compression is probably dangerous on its own but, as you've experienced, you'll often get different opinions on this depending on who you talk to. As far as ortho or neuro spine surgeons it probably doesn't matter as much as them being spine... (5 replies)
... Hi, I'm sorry to hear about your diagnosis and situation. I know first hand how different surgeons can give wildly different action plans. It depends on how conservative they are, what procedures they have more of a predilection to and lastly by their age. I have noticed the younger surgeons seem to be more pro-active and more willing to think outside of the box. (Not... (5 replies)
... Need help Received above dx from several docs, Neurosurgeons, some want to operate, some not so much. My Neurologist and the Neurosurgeon who wants to operate has warned me that if I do not have surgery I will become parallized C5-6. My dilemma is caused by the fact that I do not have any pain. Have some tingling in fingers and crackling in my neck when I turn it. They... (5 replies)
... Thanks for all the info - Jenny, I read your thread while in the waiting room to go back and see ns # 2 ( the one that said no surgery- go for bone scan). I'm not sure why I was in her office - I feel like I'm just floating around hoping for praying someone will have a definite answer - I did not do the bone scan - I'm thinking maybe she will not even see me - because my appt... (75 replies)
... Hi and welcome. I am female and do not have OPLL. First, most people here - although we do not have OPLL we do have similar issues of one or more of (radicular pain, nerve root compression, numbness, tingling, burning, neurological signs, (myleopathy). so we have that in common with you. Your issues are caused by a different process, but it is similar to ours - bony... (3 replies)
... 2 surgeries later, my advice is that surgery shouldn't be the first answer for the issues you describe until some very thorough research and a solid attempt at conservative treatment. Find a really good pain management program. At best, most people that have lots of symptoms before surgery, do improve in some but maybe not all symptoms. It also sounds pretty iffy on... (11 replies)
... ave inquired on this board before about this troubling symptom and have garnered little response...My sense is that in my case given the spinal cord injury...the myleopathy incurred creates all sorts of neurological symptoms...and some of these may be resolved with time and some may not... ... (13 replies)
... puparoo LOL dr. has to be i am. the last time i saw the spine specialist he said we are holding off on surgery for now but that my neck would have to be watched for life. didn't get into it too much but when i see him next visit we will. my MRI says "possible"" early signs of myleopathy.( hate trying to spell it since i know i spell it wron) i actually think it's called... (16 replies)
Arm numbness ?s
May 16, 2006
... Had ACDF surgery for herniated disk w/myleopathy and bone spurs Jan, 2006. Prior to surgery, EMG testing showed left sided cervical radiculopathy, however it is mainly my right arm that is numb below elbow into my thumb. My doctor now believes I may have carpal tunnel in the right arm even though the EMG is negative. If this is related to my neck problems, have any of... (2 replies)
... Hi All, I have been reading this board for about two weeks and have been so thankful to read about real people and not just hear the statistical results. Sorry about the long post but I wanted people to be aware of my situation from the beginning. I would like to keep a post-surgical diary like others I have read to help those undecided on surgery. Those posts helped... (1 replies)
... Hi lori and everyone! Sorry it has taken so long to get back to the board but yesterday was a long gruling day and today was long at work.i saw dr cammisa yesterday, and here's how it went. First it took me and my husband 41/2 hrs to get to nyc and my appt was at 1pm. The pa saw me and i didnt see dr. C untill 445 pm; 31/2 hrs i waited to see him,well he was delayed in... (3 replies)
Aug 21, 2003
... I want to thank all of you so much for your suggestions and comforting words. It really helps. bdb I'm sorry you also have myleopathy, but it helps to know that someone actually knows what you are experiencing. It's hard to explain to anyone how my legs really feel. I have my surgery at 8:00 in the morning and thanks to all of you, I'm better prepared. Angela (10 replies)
... diagnosed with Myleopathy and anterior cervical discectomy recommended. ... (29 replies)
... diagnosed with Myleopathy and anterior cervical discectomy recommended. ... (22 replies)

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