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... ACDF surgery with donor bone and hardware 2 months ago. I read alot of postings in this board how the numbness and pain improved following surgery. However in my case I feel the numbness in my hand and the pain in my neck, shoulder and arm increase after surgery. ... (3 replies)
... Please tell me how your feeling within the first year after ACDF surgery. ... (2 replies)
Home after ACDF
Apr 18, 2004
... Yes, you are right. My worst day was day 4. But things get better quickly. I never had neck pain after the surgery, but a lot of hip pain from taking bone from there. I was really having a hard time with the 24 hours a day hard collar and little sleep. ... (3 replies)

... why i am worried is that i did not have numbness or tingling in my arms or hands before the ACDF surgery. I had just pain in both arms to the bicep levels in each, and my hands felt a bit achey at times and seemed to be cold at times.. ... (7 replies)
... C6. I really haven't had many problems since the surgery, other than my neck being stiff. The last couple of weeks, by neck has started hurting pretty bad. Along with the neck pain, I am also having shoulder pain. This is the same way it hurt before. ... (6 replies)
... neck pain, so the surgery pain was a breeze to get over. ... (11 replies)
... days time so I went to ER and the neurosurgeon told me I had to have the surgery or be paralyzed. ... (0 replies)
... I will have my ACDF next month, November 8th, and I will tell you like everyone has told me....please take it slow and easy. ... (3 replies)
... head on collision caused ruptured discs in my neck. i had ACDF surgery in sept 07. the surgery helped a lot with the migraines and shooting arm pain, but my shoulders got worse. i have constant chronic neck and shoulder spasms. ... (15 replies)
... However, I did have some new pain that was related to the surgery. ... (4 replies)
Pain after ACDF
Sep 28, 2004
... Hello, I have a question about pain after surgery.. ... (13 replies)
... Hi. I am new to board. My ACDF surgery was about two years ago. I was running races for many years before my surgery. My doc said I could run every now and then which I have done. ... (0 replies)
... I Just had my ACDF surgery 5 days ago and everything seems to be going ok.But I do still get sore on the right side of my neck where I always hurt before and especially at the incision site in the front of my neck on the right it also gets very sore there also. ... (3 replies)
... I'm a newbie here and after reading through some of the posts I wish I would have found this site before surgery. ... (18 replies)
... JJ, I have had TREMENDOUS help and support in my thread - very similar to yours from the sounds of things... I invite you to read through it.. I am trying to focus on the idea that my post op pains are more spasm / muscle related and it seems to be helping. (5 replies)
... urgery took over 3 hours. I have considerable more pain in my neck and left shoulder blade, and also some pain on the right side of my neck. The numbness in my left arm and hand are also worse than prior to surgery. ... (5 replies)
... g to hold my myself forever until a nurse came to undo the iv just so I can manage to the bathroom. But nothing to the extent of yours. Well anyway glad to hear surgery was a success. Definetly be careful moving around and swallowing. I found myself choking alot just swallowing pills. ... (5 replies)
... F surgery. I had my 3rd fusion at C4,5 last October, 2012 after C6,7 and C5,6 in 2008. This time around, however, I have had sore shoulders, especially my right one. ... (17 replies)
... fused 2010. I am have constant neck spasms...on the right side mainly. There is a huge knot the size of a goose egg at the base of my neck but my whole neck hurts, is stiff sometimes these weird deep hard pinches. There are certain activities I know make it worse. Driving, laundry, jutting my chin out etc... ... (0 replies)
... October, working full time again, my right shoulder is killing me, my arm hurts with sharp pains, my hand hurts and feel like its burning, and I get right chest pain and nausea. ... (6 replies)

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