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... I really appreciate the responses as it really helps me paint a picture of what to expect. ... (11 replies)
... rays and said it looks great and to return in 3 months. He told me not to turn my head to far and to make sure and use my shoulders when I do. ... (0 replies)
... on is on the right side, since it is in the central cord, it is causing pain, numbness and tingling on my left side. I also have severe burning in the left back of my neck and into the base of my skull. I feel like I can hardly hold up my head by the end of some days. ... (13 replies)

... rays or MRI's. I had a terrible headache at the base of my skull. I asked him who danced on my head that morning? ... (7 replies)
... The spinal canal is an opening in the vertebral bone that goes all the way from the base of the skull to the end of the tailbone. Inside of that canal is the spinal cord and it's spinal fluid, held in around the cord by a membrane called the thecal sac. ... (4 replies)
... min, 10 min off does seem to help. For whatever reason, ice does not! It is an inflammation so ... I would suggest trying that... But careful of the ice. ... (258 replies)
... t. with my NS last week. It was my first appt. since surgery, which was 9 weeks earlier. I explained that nothing had improved and that now I was having terrible pain at the base of my head which traveled up the back and all the way around to forehead. ... (4 replies)
... Darlray, I know exactly what you mean, during these past 5 months of PT, some of my numbness would go away for a day or so and then come right back. ... (6 replies)
... Well my suggestion is DONT do the surgery, try some alternative therapies, through physical therapy and pain management. ... (25 replies)
... etc. to handle that asap. If anything, for peace of mind. That is what I would do, because some docs, well, they aren't so good, and some are just super. ... (10 replies)
... s nearly 1 am here and I can't get comfortable. Can't sleep. I tried ice earlier today. Didn't help. I have one of those microwavable heat pack thingies so I nuked it until it was hot, used it. It seemed to help temporarily. ... (7 replies)
... I have not lost any weight in my neck.... probably due to the scar tissue keeping my neck fat, ya think? ... (10 replies)
... A few weeks after this, I developed a sciatica down the left arm. Pain in shoulder, arm. Neck feels achy. Muscles tender to touch like a nerve pain. No numbness or pins and needles. The pain is bad at night and difficult to get comfortable. ... (3 replies)
... ould be more 'common or likely,inpingement from something like what i mentioned above. alot of here have this same type of whats called "radiculopathic' symptoms of our spinal damage, which does includes pain, numbness, thingling, zingers that can start at the neck and run down to specific fingers too. ... (3 replies)
... he was soo angry and shocked that his own alleged' nurse had not even mentioned this to him or at LEAST written a note or something. duh? ... (27 replies)
... except for showers. So, I have had a 2 week head start on my freedom from when I was officially released from wearing it or the bone stimulator that I also gave up 2 weeks prior. ... (2 replies)

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