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... and emgs arent alwas accurate i had 3 done in 2 months frst and last showed nerve impingment for nerves on the c7 region and scnd showed none.. curiouse huh..i too have loss of use in the arm and i also have CTS in both arms.. ... (9 replies)
May 11, 2011
... impairment, unfortunetly, THAT really is about all that test really does. if you are having pain or symptoms of something like only nerve root 'irritation or inflammation", THAT will not change the flow velocities they are checking in your nerves. ... (3 replies)
... I had an injury at work, lower back problem, The MRI showed the L5 disk pretruding and buldging slightly to the left with S1 root nerve impingment. ... (15 replies)

... I had an injury at work, lower back problem, The MRI showed the L5 disk pretruding and buldging slightly to the left with S1 root nerve impingment. ... (15 replies)
... can get some help and info from you guys about scoliosis. I just got a lumbar mri with and without contrast and the report said i have mild scoliosis but with no nerve impingement. ... (1 replies)
... is simply 'moving around' and hitting nerve and who knows what else only because there is NO solid anchoring in there right now, not to mention the instability that just comes with this too. ... (8 replies)
... level nerve roots. unless 'something' has literally damaged it, this would be more 'common or likely,inpingement from something like what i mentioned above. ... (3 replies)
... ly innervates. the one thing here too is that there very much is a sensory component in that same elbow area that has very direct connections to that c 8 and T 1 nerve in the c spine. ... (9 replies)
S-1 Nerve or what?
Jul 17, 2009
... For it to be medicaly determined as an impinged nerve you need two synthoms 1 norilogical and 1 pain synthoms. ... (11 replies)
... lly do have anything like real carpal tunnel syndrome,just that the nerves that actually run from your c spine make it appear that way,since you do also have the nerve flow issue in your upper arms as well,you know what i mean? ... (2 replies)
... last option all the time, but you have alot of neoro symptoms that should'nt b taken lightly.your neorosurgeon might want to order a milogram to see any possible nerve impingment. A milogram is taking a small amount of spinal fluid out and inserting dye into that space. They then will ct you after. This will show everything. ... (4 replies)
... I also had an MRI but cannot get my results until Sept 4, 2008, can you tell me what I can do for the pain now. It shows cental disc protrusion at T1-2, at T2-3 tiny cental disc protusion, a ritht paracentral disc protruison at T10-11m measures 3.4mm, at T11-12 there is a tiny central disc protrusion, then it reads scattered disc protrusions within the thoracic spine as... (0 replies)
... that the accident could have just flarred the symptoms to the point that I actually noticed them. He then said that just because the MRI said that there was no nerve impingment that it did not neccessarily mean that there was not. ... (56 replies)
... on the very day of my surgery, the results from my cervical Mri came in showing severe herniation, with nerve impingment........... Needless to say, everything was stopped right then....... no lumbar surgery that day. ... (19 replies)
... herniation with nerve impingment. ... (22 replies)
Tight muscles???
Sep 26, 2006
... I wonder if you are actually feeling more since the surgery, as you possibly not feeling these sensations due to nerve impingment? ... (5 replies)
... n tell you as you wait is take your meds, especially USE A COLD PAC ON YOUR NECK for 15 minutes at a time. The cold will help to shrink the disc and relieve the nerve impingment thus removing some of the pain. Do this throughout your day. ... (2 replies)
... if so how did it work for your nerve impingment? ... (80 replies)
... I THINK I have a nerve impingment or entrapment from those manipulations. AND I do have Piriformis Syndrome from the exercises. ... (12 replies)
... From a novice's interpretation, it doesn't sound very severe to me. I read it to be that your neck doesn't curve as much as it should and you have a mild case of nerve impingment in one of your vertebrae. ... (1 replies)

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