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... I didn't have this prior to surgery. The pain is a tingling pain that begins at the base of my neck and runs up the back of my head and over to my forehead. My scalp is really tender. ... (7 replies)
New choices
Mar 4, 2003
... How disappointing for you. Although I'm sure it is somewhat of a relief to have your complaints validated. NOthing is worse than having symptoms, and then having to prove you have them and or are not exagaterating. ... (5 replies)
... ith a xray which i know is a dull tool. I am going to the Cleveland clinic in a couple weeks to see a Spine Doc, but in the meantime we are going o start a trial of a anitepileptic drug called Gabapentin. ... (2 replies)

... Let's start with a little spine anatomy. Your spinal cord comes off the base of the brain and goes down into the vertebrae. C1 and 2 are first and they rotate and hook together to move your head. ... (23 replies)
... working days to have the report ready. I did obtain a copy of the images, and took them to my doctor's appointment that afternoon and it was then that my doctor told me right away she could see at least 3 ruptured discs. ... (8 replies)
... in January of this year, it was quite possibly the best decision I've ever made. ... (6 replies)
... Rheumatoid arthritis eats those top 2 vertebrae so if you had that, it would make sense you have these problems but I know of at least 1 person who was here who had major arthritis in those top 2 vertebrae and that was how she found out she had RA. ... (9 replies)
New mri reports.
Jan 8, 2010
... new year. I'm still have issues since the surgery and they seem to be get more intense instead of getting less frequent. ... (8 replies)
... scapulas. Could not even let my left scapula touch the chair it was so sore. These headaches are in a league of their own, nothing alleviates the pain. Scares me. ... (13 replies)
... did you happen to suffer any sort of an actual head or brain injury with the accident? ... (3 replies)
... maybe at pressure points at the base of my head for my headache as well. ... (5 replies)
... What I'm wanting to know is if those of you with extensive knowledge of MRI reports, do you think surgery would be the only option? ... (12 replies)
... I suffer from severe lower back pain starting around my waist area that radiates both up my lower back and down my lower back to my left leg. ... (5 replies)
... actually get that much more closer and detailed look at the hemangioma, why he failed to simply also order what is a pretty standard thing here esp with ANY type of 'vascular' involvement needing definition, a contrasting agent of ANY kind at all? ... (21 replies)
... Hang in there, Ann Marie. I was a total wreck before both of mine. Nerves can give you lots of pain and even bring down your immune system so you do get those little infections like a UTI. ... (70 replies)
... But all in all, it is the way to go for a long fusion. Get lots of rest....sleep is the best thing to help with recovery. Don't push yourself.....muscles heal at their own rate and you can't make them heal faster. ... (6 replies)
... I was told there were white spots on my brain, but I've been told that before. I've been told it WASN'T MS, so I didn't need to worry. I do not have possession of the MRI results. Several were ordered by neurologists, 1 by an epilepsy specialist. ... (6 replies)
... big family history of migraines. ... (28 replies)
C3-4 Question
Jul 12, 2007
... eriencing right sided back of the head numbness that comes and goes, I can feel it starting from my neck, it's like a whoosh feeling, and just goes into the back of my head, sometimes it's on the left side also. ... (0 replies)
Aug 8, 2003
... I read a reply of yours on the strand that was about fusion being complete by fkissam. I wasn't sure if you would go back to it, but wanted to address the ? ... (2 replies)

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