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... Our pain in the back of the neck sounds so similar. I hope that is a good sign. Most of my pain is at the base of my head where my head and neck meet. Its more of a burning then a pain. I hope that means its weak muscles and not something to do with the bones. ... (13 replies)
Help With Xray
Oct 22, 2012
... headaches and neck pain. After being misdiagnosed with migraines, tension headaches, labyrithitis, tinnitus etc etc.. Have have CT scans and MRI performed on my head and sinuses all finding were normal. ... (1 replies)
... been experiencing pain which starts like tension at the base of my head with painful cracking and popping when i turn my head, this then radiates over to the top of my head and at times above my eye and at times it feels like sinus no set pattern. ... (13 replies)

... e side into my check my lips, my jaw, it comes with a whoosh should I say, it's so freaky, that is scares me to death when it happens, so I've been through a ton of tests for this so far because my neurologist thought TIA',s seizures etc.... well my Pain doc. ... (2 replies)
... I suddenly started to get severe pain lower down the spine, which my NS tells me is interscapula pain that would be originating from the neck. ... (2 replies)
... I have severe spinal cord compression, and severe nerve compression at nerve root 7. I have horrible headaches that come from the base of my head up behind my right ear. It is different than a regualr headache. I do compare it more to a migraine. ... (8 replies)
... i'm new to this forum and after battling with doctors about an unidentified illness i think i may have narrowed it down to my neck. i'd like to hear what all of you have to say about this. i'll be thankful for any replies. ... (8 replies)
May 15, 2003
... ong. I went back to work 24 days after my operation. I have a desk job but first few days were still rough. I could not sit upright for too long, if I did the base of my neck would hurt. I devised a makeshift chair with a high back so I could sort of lean my head against it. ... (14 replies)
... to the point I can't move head side to side or roll over in bed my dr prescribed an NSAID which gives relief he thinks it's muscular but the pain is so intense I can't function. It is a throbbing pain at the base of my neck. I am in tears as soon as the medicine wears off. I worry its a clot, not muscular. ... (7 replies)
... I am posting here because of all the experience of the members here, I am hoping that maybe some of you can help or hopefully reassure me that I am not insane. As I am certainly starting to feel a little or alot crazy. ... (4 replies)
... Thank you Jenny! I too have a very high pain tolerance and so... with my 1st surgery I never did take any pain meds once I got home. Was back to work in 3.5 weeks. Thanks for dispelling all rumors! Much love! ... (5 replies)
... s more painful but not as bad as you think. My first surgery involved doing work on the vertebrae themselves and involved C3 to C7. Thy had to shave a large area of the back of my head and the incision goes from the base of my skull down about 6". The second surgery used the same incision and goes about 8". ... (5 replies)
... the chiropractor did a strange manipulation of my upper cervical by having her 'intern' pull on my legs while she flexed my neck quickly to one side. ... (0 replies)
... Well, yesterday I went to my PM under the impression that she was going to give me a nerve block for my right leg. I have been having the same pain that I had in my left leg since July. Although, I will admit that it has been a bit more excruciating. ... (13 replies)
Cervical issues
Feb 13, 2005
... S1. My neck is what took me out of work in July. ... (0 replies)
... I had an accident last year, which has caused significant pain and distress, mostly across my shoulders and down my right arm. My first initial symptom was a very tender right pinky and tenderness along my right collarbone. ... (2 replies)
... showed on my mri, I am now 10 weeks pregnant and I had a lot of nausea and vomiting, I believe the vomiting made my neck situation come back. ... (0 replies)
... ray in my primary care phycians clinic because of the pain I was experiencing after a fall, which according to him appeared ok. ... (11 replies)
... I almost think I could take going through the back of the neck! You sound like me, Sarge, I have a herniated disc in the lower back, and that hurts, too. Sorry to hear about your fall, that is a darn shame. ... (33 replies)
... hi trace, I had steroid nerve block in occipital nerve in base of my skull to stop nerve pain giving me headaches from back of head to front but does stem from neck,,,,it did work for a few weeks but has worn off now have another on thursday..... ... (27 replies)

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