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... but he did consult with the NS. I did not have fusion, only laminectomy so what they are saying as far as the neck movements in physical therapy make sense. ... (9 replies)
... I totally agree with W on this. I am one of those people that find it difficult to be diciplined enough to follow the excercise routine day after day...but, it has worked wonders for me, so I stick with it. It is critical to build up the neck muscles to insure that the dominoe effect doesn't occur... ... (9 replies)
... I had "severe" spinal stenosis C5-C7 with some stenosis and a bone spur C4. My main symptom that got me to the neurologist was a gait problem that was getting worse with some right leg and arm numbness. A also started getting some tremors, primarily on the right side. The neurologist said I had neurological Weakness on that side (reflexes, etc.) No pain!!!! But they said... (9 replies)

... I'm 7 weeks post op. Mentally feeling real good, working full time (no choice I own a small consulting firm with 7 employees), driving, light housework. At 6 week post op I started feeling a lot better with upper body strength, although I can still feel pressure in the stich area if I lift more than a gallon of milk. My walking, the original problem that sent me to a... (9 replies)
... where. I also had what the report called flattened cord at C456 and later C67. Two ops fixed that. The last protusion only affected me when looking up and passed after an hour or two so I caught it before it caused scarring of the cord. ... (9 replies)
... It takes a long time. I had PT for 6 months after redo neck surgery and can only say that at the time I didn't seem to be making much progress. That was because my therapist forced me to take it slowly. ... (9 replies)
... I am trying to figure out just exactly what kind of pt they recommended for you.Is this for the upper only or are they doing it for your leg issues as well?Just where was the lamenectomy done in relation to your spine?(do you have other spinal issues as well?)what were your symptoms like pre op?I know,I am nosey,just trying to get a handle here on exactly what you are dealing... (9 replies)
... In my lumbar spine I had a laminectomy and also another surgery for a condition called Flatback Syndrome. ... (5 replies)
... Hugo Eve: Thanks for the reply - I've read some of your other post, didn't realize you had the gait problem too. Thanks for the encouragement. Sat and Sun I did my 1 mile walk which I do when the weather's nice -- it's a slight uphill to the end of the road and obviously slight downhill back - the uphill is harder, but coming home I was walking pretty well yesterday - it... (9 replies)
... Yes, I had brain, cervical, lumbar and thoratic MRIs done. All three of the neurosurgen consults, the neurologist and even a chiropractor said that the gait problem is consistant with cord constriction in C6-C7 - they all went on to say that there is no absolute promise that the surgery would fix it. (9 replies)
... Did anyone,like your NS ever explain to you just why you had/have such extensive leg problems due to an issue stemming from your c spine.I know that in my particular case,my issues are from the dirct spinal cord and tract damage,but it really seems rather odd that with having just the stenosis,it would give you such dramatic leg problems,do you know what I mean?Have you ever... (9 replies)
... ortho guy in my city. Several months of physical therapy, traction, etc. gave no positive results. ... (20 replies)
... prescribed physical therapy. She also told me that I'm healing extremely well. So what is going on with my left arm? ... (4 replies)
... Has anyone experienced similar occurrence after surgery? ... (3 replies)
... I am not new to these boards but am having back and leg problems once again. I have had more than 20 years of back problems and I had a laminectomy 2 years ago and was also told at that time that I had spinal stenosis. ... (0 replies)
... hand pain. My first step in finding out what's going on is an appt for an annual physical with my internist, a super diagnostician. ... (161 replies)
... Gloria after my laminectomy my triceps felt great. I still had right forearm cramping as that is a permanent affect from waiting to long to have the surgery and the nerve being compressed. ... (10 replies)
... It is now July 18, 2005, and 7.5 weeks after my surgery. As of about a month after the operation, I have had no pain or symptoms. I saw Dr. Fulbright July 8, and he said I would be completely healed by 12 weeks after the surgery. ... (42 replies)
... The procedure was done in October of 2008. I was paralyzed in excrutiating pain by 2 hours after the procedure, unable to walk or stand. A laminectomy was performed three days later to relieve some of the pressure off the nerves. ... (3 replies)
... op, they give you a Morphine pump, at least they did me. And before I left the hospital, a PT person came and started physical therapy. Shows how fast you start to recover. ... (161 replies)

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