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... The neurosurgeon finally discharged me a couple of weeks ago as they feel there is not much they can do. The CT scan and xrays post op showed fusion and I don't have the symptoms I had presurgery. ... (3 replies)
... For me, I can't say that I hurt all over, but only in certain places. When I hurt it's usually in my neck area and I've been getting stiff and sore between my shoulder blades. I seem to be doing ok with pain otherwise. (19 replies)
... About 8 Months Post Op Is When I Started To Have Symptoms...the Fusion Was Successful .......the Crack Was Above The Fusion.....did You Hurt All Over Like I Do? ... (19 replies)

... Sounds very normal to me. I hurt for a good 3-4 weeks and everyone is different. Take it easy!!! It really makes a difference. (19 replies)
... i am two weeks post op does this sound normal? ... (19 replies)
... Day 22 - 1st Post op with the NS - I'm off the Aspen collar and can move my head as much as I can easily do. I'm wearing a soft collar that I had lying around. I can also drive. I feel very, very good and stable. Only take tylenol as needed for pain meds. I forgot to ask if I can lift more stuff and do more work around the house. I left a message to have NS call me back about... (18 replies)
... Nice to hear you are doing so well. I also would caution again driving too soon. I, however, was in a collar for two months post-op. Even after two months it was very difficult to turn my head and drive. Actually still today I don't have full movement in turning and driving at times is difficult. Good luck to you! (19 replies)
... I had 1 level ACDF with my own bone, no hardware and fusing well. ... (5 replies)
... Hi captnanny!, Sorry I haven't been on the computer in awhile. I saw my dr. yesterday for my 4 week post-op appt. I asked him about PT -- he said if I felt I needed it they would of course schedule it for me - but for someone my age (he called me young! I am 42) they don't automatically send you to PT. It seems like every Dr. is so different in what they think is... (7 replies)
... I basically got the same instructions up here in Canada, post op app't in 6 weeks. Absolutely no driving with the collar on, can result in charges if in an accident. ... (7 replies)
... Yesterday I went to my 3 month post op appt. ... (1 replies)
... :blob_fire I am post op 8 weeks, from ACDF, MY OWN BONE, plate , screws & Miami J collar..........I am so glad I had the surgery, fixed the problems of my arm being numb and my hands,.......I was also having what I call "star bursts" of pain in my legs.......the neuro said my legs was not connected to what was going on with my neck.....MY PAIN IN THE LEGS IS GONE AFTER THE... (1 replies)
... had no responses. I understand my case is complicated and I was rather lenghty. Its so good to hear all the positive results I read on this board. I am 2 years post op. I still have problems with both hands and at times just some of my fingers going to sleep, sever neck and upper back pain. ... (6 replies)
1st Post Op appt.
Jan 23, 2007
... Two months post-op (11/16), ACDF C5-C7 with donor bone. Surgery was about 2 1/2 hours. Worst part is the sore throat afterward, put not particully awful. I am feeling pretty good now, I did wear a hard collar for 6 weeks. I still wear a soft collar when sleeping, just find it more comfortable. I will return to surgeon on 1/31 and hope to be put on PT to strenghten all the... (8 replies)
1st Post Op appt.
Jan 22, 2007
... Just got back from my first post-op appt. They took 2 Xray views, front and lateral and everything looks great so far. (12 days out). I saw the Physcian Asst. who took tons of time with me and answered all my questions. I mainly asked why I dont have a collar. She said that even though alot of surgeon require people to use them after ACDF, my particular Dr. doesnt because he... (8 replies)
Post Op Pain
Dec 13, 2006
... All, just looking for any experiences you've had with odd pains after surgery. I am about 2 1/2 months post op on ACDF C6-7 w/hardware and donor bone. The issue I'm having is a kind of pain in parts of my body that is hard to categorize - but it's best described as a burning kind of pain. The pain is occurring on the underside of my arms from about my elbows to my hands.... (5 replies)
1-week post-op
Dec 7, 2006
... C6. I know he took out 2 disks and replaced them. I am seeing my doc friday for my 1 week post op check. ... (8 replies)
... I stopped taking pain meds about 3 days post op. Then only as required. The doc prescribed oxycodone and flexeril for muscles. ... (9 replies)
... Hey guys, For those that dont know me I'm 3 days post-op from C5/6/7 posterior fusion, Also removed 2(C-7) screws from anterior plate ( ACDF C-4/7 4-2004)Also used my bone from right rear hip which was a suprise, He was going to do an exray and find the best site in the front as I've had both sides rear used before, But he was hoping to harvest up front. I'll find out in 2... (28 replies)
... After initially feeling great post op I started to get increasing pain which was ignored by my surgeon and did not respond to PT etc. ... (15 replies)

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