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... Oh boy, can't wait, lol. Yes, me too, just the regular x-ray I just had shows c3-7 a mess, so can imagine what the mri will show. Sounds like I will have some "add ons" too. At this point "bring it on" I am not living like this. Gosh, just to imagine feeling good and able to do just simple things would be a blessing. Thank God for this board, I am not alone. :wave: (15 replies)
... The Posterior surgery is more involved as neck muscles are pulled away and must be stitched back in place. The recovery is longer and post op pain is higher. The incision is longer and takes longer to heal also. This is why surgeons choose the Anterior approach. ... (15 replies)
... Kelly: I am very sorry to hear about your pain. I am 12 days post-op on a two-level cervical fusion, and have not had any change yet in the amount of pain meds I require. I have, however (I think) identified the portions of my pain that have been relieved by surgery. For me, I always had what I describe as a "base" level of pain in my left shoulder, which never responded... (9 replies)

... Congratulations! I also had the hip graft so I know where you are coming from with the pain. Try your best to walk a bit on it and you should see it improve dramatically in a few days. Make sure you continue to rest even when you feel good. I had a great week (3 weeks post op here) but over did it. I feel it now :( Dont worry if you feel twinges of pain still in the... (3 replies)
... If you go back and read psots here you will find that muscle spasms are a normal part of the recovery for this surgery. I am 4 months post op, and still get them if I push things. ... (12 replies)
Post Op 8 weeks
Nov 6, 2004
... op from acdf c5c6. ... (7 replies)
... I had same symptoms post op with acdf c5 6 Nov 03. It was scarey as I just about fainted on nurse during her visit. ... (2 replies)
... ntinue to improve for you. The first few days were the worst for me, but before the end of the first week I was feeling almost normal. I am comming up on a month post op, and I am doing great. ... (1 replies)
... I have severe throbbing headaches too. I am 4 months post op and have been getting the headaches for about a month now. I had these same headaches after my first ACDF 8 yrs ago. They are excrutiating!! ... (5 replies)
... Thanks very much for your responses -- it's been about a week since my mother's voice got really bad (almost 3 weeks post-op now), and it seems to be slowly improving since she has been trying to minimize her speaking and just rest. It's still somewhat worrisome considering that she was fine right after surgery, but hopefully it will just continue to improve! Thanks... (3 replies)
... I am 8 weeks post op from ACDF on C6-C7. Have only been out of hard collar 1 week and muscles in neck and shoulders very stiff and sore. Just wondering how other felt at this point???? (1 replies)
... diatly after surgery, if I had known what was coming I would have asked to keep it in for awhile. I got to walk to the shower and wash my hair at about 26 hours post op. The inside of my throat was sore, but not terribly, so I could swallow almost any food except bread if I took small bites. ... (5 replies)
Post-Op care
Nov 30, 2003
... I had ACDF with autograft on Nov. ... (6 replies)
Post-Op care
Nov 30, 2003
... I, too, am curious about this. I was originally told that I'd be in my Miami J collar for 4 weeks, could possibly return to work after 10 days (he laughed at that, though, that I could return but probably wouldn't be able to perform). I went for post-op visit with his nurse (his wife) and she told me "I don't know why he told you that! It's always 6 weeks!" Although I have... (6 replies)
Post-Op care
Nov 30, 2003
... Why is there such a difference in Post-Op care from 1 surgeon to the next? I had ACDF C5-6, donor bone and plate. I need to wear an Aspen collar 24/ 7 for at least 4 weeks, which now that I think about it will be almost 6 weeks until my next appointment. After the X-rays the time I need to wear it will be adjusted. I cannot drive for the first 4 weeks either. I was told I... (6 replies)
... My post-op visit to NS is coming up. Did anyone have an MRI or x-rays or what? I don't think I am because I am just to go to his office. Just curious and wondering if they only take extra steps if there is trouble or if some NS check for fusing routinly. I just can't see my insurance paying for MRI or x-rays unless needed. Carla ------------------ Ruptured retrieved... (4 replies)
7 month post-op
Jun 7, 2003
... Wow, back before my surgery, there were ,mostly positive posts about post-op, now it seems like all negative? I'm basically doing fine, ( acdf own bone t-plate dec 13) Yesterday I got "volenteered" at work to move 200 65 lbs. boxes over 2 days! I did it, and only had slight shoulder pain, but never reached for a pill. It was in fact this board that convinced me to go for... (6 replies)
... Hi Catherine w/a C, How did your post-op go? bruce ------------------ ACDF with plating and donor bone C6-7 (1/29/03) (6 replies)
11 post-op
Dec 25, 2002
... What great Christmas morning news... a 11 day post op update Continue to have a great day and keep up the good work with your recovery. Debbie ------------------ Debbie2 ACDF fusion (c5c6) with titanium plate and screws using donor bone - September 4, 2002. (1 replies)
... Had my post op appointment today at Johns Hopkins with my nuero surgeon. ... (5 replies)

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