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1 month post-op
Sep 19, 2002
... I am 6 weeks nearly post op and feeling good, glad to see you both are progressing well. ... (3 replies)
... Its been 4 weeks post op for me and I'm doing better everyday. I'm still a little stiff and I get a little bit of pain in the shoulder blades. ... (10 replies)
... Glad hear your doing good Linda. I'm 11 days post op. ... (10 replies)

... Hi. I had ACDF done on 12/13/12. I too had swelling and redness right after the surgery. I came home Friday and was feeling lots of pain, obviously, but something felt wrong on my neck at the site of the incision. By Monday my neck was very swollen at the site and started oozing. I was in the ER that night. My neurosurgeon came in to the hospital at midnight to find my neck... (11 replies)
... I had ACDF in June of 2009 and it takes a while to heal Don't get nervous. I had two levels done and it's one heck of a surgery. ... (10 replies)
... Jenny, Thank you so much for your words of wisdom. Yes the titanium plate and screw are probably fine. I am having so many more muscle spasms in my neck, shoulders and back. I just hope that there isn't damage elsewhere in my neck and back. I do feel as if I was lucky since there wasn't a car in front of me and the airbag didn't go off. Sometimes I second guess myself... (9 replies)
... HI.I had 2 level ACDF on 12/9/2010. I was stopped waiting to make a turn when a Ford Explorer barreled into me (Nissan Altima) at 30 mph. I am so scared that there is now additional damage to my neck and or my fusion or plate and screws shifted. Spoke to OSS and since I am not having radiating pain down my arm or tingling in my fingers I am waiting to go to their office on... (9 replies)
... Wow, I hadn't thought of a panoramic rear view mirror. Great idea! Thanks for sharing that tip! (4 replies)
... After my ACDF I bought a panoramic rear view mirror for driving. ... (4 replies)
... I moved up my next appointment to next Wednesday. Having a few issues that concern me. I still have extreme tightness in my neck mainly right side. I get pain down my cervical spine in the shoulder and shoulder blade region. Lately I have had a heaviness in my upper arm and wrist area feels "odd". My left had turns reddish and at times fingers blueish. Not too happy about... (3 replies)
... Hi in Calgary or Kelowna? I'd guess Kelowna form your user name. My brother lives in Kelowna and my former amazing neurologist is now in Calgary. I keep telling myself I need to fly out to Calgary and see her and then head on out to Kelowna and see the family. God's country from my way of thinking. Glad you did well after the ACDF. It will be up and down so... (4 replies)
... I am 7 weeks post op...acdf 3 levels 6 srews 2 plates...I feel really great! I had a slight set back at the 4 week mark but I am doing well now. ... (69 replies)
... Thank you again for answering...I am trying to get some more comments, other people who have also had this take place after ACDF and then recovered from it. Not too many takers so far. ... (7 replies)
... Hello to everyone I had ACDF(cage and artificial bone growth with screws, soft collar only) 18 days ago. Is it common to get any new sharp pains in areas you had nothing in before? I have a sharp pain under my back side shoulder blade. My original pain was under my left back should blade. It is not constant but seems to take place with small random movements. ... (7 replies)
... op ACDF and feeling really well. ... (6 replies)
... Hi all, I just got through my first eval with neuro surgeon and he says my exterior is healing well from ACDF on C5-6. In 3 weeks we start the xrays. As anyone who has had this knows, you cannot take NSAIDs including arthritis meds. The problem I am facing now is that I have extensive arthritis throughout my body, fibromyalgia and myofacscial syndrome from a fall I took 2... (1 replies)
... Hello All. I had surgery on Aug. 30th. I had 4 levels and 1 corpectomy ACDF. I was having problems with my legs, more so with my left leg. Heaviness, numbness, could hardly walk. This went on for at least 8 years getting worse each year. Finally I found a great doctor who found the problem. This was all coming from my neck. Doctor went in and made sure I had no more... (9 replies)
... HTF, Thank you for the update; I appreciate the perspective and encouragement. I am at 3 months post-op ACDF, C6-7, cord compression. I deal with lots of neuro issues every day. Some are slightly, slightly improved, most are just about the same. I am trying to look a week or more at a time for comparison, if I compare day to day I get VERY discouraged. My symptoms... (8 replies)
... Hi Sue, I ditto the above comments. I was told I needed surgery due to my disc flattening my spinal cord. I tried MANY therapies in hopes of relief that didn't involve surgery...accupuncture, myofascial therapy, osteopathic therapy...I was wiiling to try anything. I was experiencing and still am experiencing a host of neurological problems. My balance is still not... (11 replies)
... Hi HopefulTiredMom, I'm so sorry you're not feeling better...yet. I am almost 10 wks. post-op ACDF, only one level. I, like you, had plate, screws, donor bone and no collar. It seems, if I remember right, your neuro symptoms were (are) crazy - almost secondary to the pain, right? Anyway...that would be me - the pain was/is awful, but the crazy neuro stuff is much worse.... (15 replies)

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