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... the idea is do the surgery before the cord shows signs of damage. ... (10 replies)
... Arthritic bone spurs are pushing back into the space for the spinal cord and possibly touching it. This sounds bad, but may or may not be causing you problems. ... (4 replies)
Hi All-New Here
Nov 21, 2012
... that can push backward into the spinal canal or diagonally backward into the foramina, which are the openings in the spinal cage through which pass the peripheral nerves after leaving the spinal cord. ... (8 replies)

... Your spinal cord descends out of the base of the brain and into the spinal canal. The spinal canal is inside the vertebrae of the spine at the back of the bone.The much maligned disks are in the front of the vertebrae and in between them as well. ... (27 replies)
... cap very lightly and see how quick,or "brisk' your actual reflexes are. most people with what you have also have the higher than norm reflexes too. i do from my spinal cord damage. its just how the cord affects reflex when damage or direct compressionis present. ... (7 replies)
... the spinal fluid from around the spinal cord. ... (1 replies)
... E "ologists" here and go right TO a much more highly trained neurosurgeon for the best possible 'impression" from someone who actually even goes inside a persons spinal areas that ologists simply don't? ... (3 replies)
... I realized that the symptoms abated somewhat when I put my chin to my chest. Thus, there appeared to be some nerve impingement in my neck. ... (20 replies)
... Cervical myelopathy with frank cord compression from bony impingement. ... (13 replies)
... C7 you also have a disk protrusion flattening the spinal cord. Any time something impacts the cord enough to flatten it, significant symptoms can occur. ... (2 replies)
... pushing backward toward the spinal canal and the nerve roots. ... (5 replies)
... Inside the thecal sac is where the spinal cord lies. Compression on the thecal sac usually doesn't cause the problem. ... (4 replies)
... Feelbad...sorry I am new here and I didn't get your real name, I have an inoperable AVM in my brain. I have been having severe neck and back pain over the past few months so my family doctor sent me to have an MRI a month ago and told me I have a Hemangioma at C-7. My family doctor said it was nothing to worry about right now but my neck and my arm is numb all the time. I... (14 replies)
... actually simply a cut off from flow of your CSF in there becasue of what sounds like a pretty messed up c spine level or is this actually directly IN your spinal cord? ... (14 replies)
... Is it spinal cord related or just sympthoms of the S1 impingment? ... (15 replies)
... even bothered to stabilize you c spine as soon as he saw the MRI and that flex and ext x ray. i am also glad you went back and read thru what were your original symptoms and what went on from there too, it really IS more enlightening when you look at things from the beginning? ... (75 replies)
... i highly doubt that everything in there is actually 'normal'. just does not 'sound' possible given the INCREASE in radiculopathic types of symptoms you are having that got worse POST op? ... (15 replies)
... tried every treatment available. I'm on my way for my SECOND spinal surgeon appt early August. ... (10 replies)
... At the levels of C1 through C4 no significant canal stenosis is seen. Spinal cord detail is poorly defined but there is no evidence of significant cord impingement. ... (5 replies)
... Anterior cord flattening? ... (3 replies)

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