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... he will be doing. He has mentioned that if this is successful I also would qualify for the Radio Frequency Burning procedures. ... (17 replies)
... I have had an ACDF on C5,6,7 on Nov. of 2003 as I had bulging discs. arthritis, bone spurs and degeneration and am still in the same pain. ... (12 replies)
... similar therapy. If so I can find out what I can at my appt in May and let you know. A female police officer through my chiro did have it and apparently quite successful results so as long at you are proactive with your own activity, weight and expectations it sounds like a positive procedure. ... (1 replies)

... c6 ACDF done two days ago. I am home right now, sitting comfortably in almost no pain. It was an overnight procedure, took about 90 minutes. ... (9 replies)
Jan 8, 2005
... Ask about Titanium Cages instead, and instead of Donor Bone ask about Bone Matrix. Just a thought. I wish you all the best and a successful surgery!! ... (8 replies)
... rays should good healing and everything in place. I wish you could have had as successful a postoperative period as I did, and I don't understand any doctor not even following up after such major surgery. ... (4 replies)
Muscle spasms???
May 26, 2004
... I had acdf (C-6-7) w/titanium plate and screws on 3/02/04. For the most part surgery seems to be successful. I do get occasional pains which I believe to be muscle related. Most are in between the shoulder blade area but some do extend into upper left shoulder region. Sometimes it feels like I have a big 'catch' in my upper back. I would like for others to describe their... (8 replies)
For Marge from MI
Jan 22, 2004
... I had my surgery at Port Huron Mercy -- Dr. Peter Grain was my surgeon. My sister was at St. John's in Detroit. I don't remember the name of her surgeon, but have emailed her to ask. She'll write tonight, most likely. (4 replies)
For Marge from MI
Jan 22, 2004
... I see both you and your sister had ACDF surgeries and feel they were successful. ... (4 replies)
... I will be very interested in the responses here as well. I have a similar problem to what you had, C5/6 and C6/7 both herniated and degenerated to the point where there's not much left of either of them. I'm up near Watertown, NY, and my surgeon I was seeing is in Syracuse also. He would have liked to have done an ACDF to fuse those 3 vertebrae, but the levels above are in... (9 replies)
... it's so good to have you check in! I was absent for quite a while, too. While some folks move on due to successful surgery, I think some of us just need a break. The boards are wonderful support, but it does take time to be an active participant. ... (12 replies)
... As you can see from my previous reply, I'm ready to do something. Thanks so much for replying. I'm thinking if I do the ACDF that I'll use my own bone. It kind of wierds me out having a donor bone in there. ... (14 replies)
... ior microforamenotomy with Dr. Jho in Pittsburgh. I had huge issues with foramen narrowing at 4 levels. He operated on the two worst levels. The operation was successful and I am now more active than I have been in the past year or two. ... (11 replies)
... Hi, Lori Thanks for responding. I'm sorry you had such a horrid outcome from your ACDF. Why did you have it - from trauma or DDD or what? And, what was your pain like prior to your surgery? Also, what is a foraminotomy? (sorry for all the questions!) I understand the posterior part of it. I had a staff infection in my foot after a surgery and OMG what pain! I... (14 replies)
... Hi PDL57! I am in the same boat as you. I have a moderate to severe herniated disc at C5-6, with spinal cord compression and nerve root impingement. My pain is also not that bad. I do have a minor loss of strength in my left arm, some shakiness in my left hand, and some occasional tingling in my left arm. All and all, very tolerable for the most part. I have been to... (10 replies)
... uld have not operated on me that the extent she had done via all this hardware, perhaps she could have just shaved down the disc instead, then i might not be as successful on the outcome on the PI case. ... (13 replies)
Fusion confusion
Aug 2, 2003
... The use of plating has been shown to siginficantly increase the chances of successful fusion. After the bones are fused the plate doesn't really do anything, but typically won't cause any long term problems. ... (10 replies)
Teri's surgery
Jul 21, 2003
... Dear God you're a miracle and I am stopping this second to Thank GOD for your successful surgery. God Speed dear Teri. ... (80 replies)
... t happened, what he's going to do to prevent it, and how he's going to treat it if it happens to me. I find comfort in that. And don't forget that there are many successful operations that take place that we're not hearing about. ... (12 replies)
... Lisa, I'm sorry to hear about all the problems with no movement, then numbness and tingling, etc. It's bewildering the variety of symptoms you can have, even if the surgery is successful. So hang in there, let someone else do the work if you can, and baby yourself for as long as you can. Give your body a chance to heal: it takes so long for neurological stuff to improve! ... (5 replies)

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