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... I just had the C6-7 ACDF performed on Monday, 3/7. They removed the disc and put the titanium plate with screws to hold a donor bone graft. It seems to be successful. I suffered with a bulging disc for 20 years, and last month I herniated it, so I went forward with the surgery. It's only a couple days after the surgery now, and I still have some tingling and numbness in my... (7 replies)
... I have been following your surgery saga since nearly the beginning. You are a model that I certainly hope to follow with my pending ACDF surgery. I can't begin to tell you how much I enjoy reading your updates and about your successful recovery. ... (10 replies)
... Hello everyone! I see some names on here from when I posted every day almost 2 years ago! I cant beleive how faithful you all are. This board was a HUGE help to me whilst I was going through all the horror show motions proceeding my first ACDF 2 years ago C4-C6 double fusion, plate and screws, HORRID Philly collor for 10 weeks. Well, I WAS better! If any of you remember I... (19 replies)

... I had pretty extensive surgery but used donor bone as doc said own bone was pretty painful and not that much more successful than using donor bone. I was in three days. ... (22 replies)
... Two neurosurgeons and an orthopedist have advised ACDF. I have two cervical disc compressing spine cord by 40%. I have had nerve conduction tests, mylogram, and MRI's to confirm. They advise due to spinal cord compression and the possibility of some paralysis if I would fall or be involved in a accident. They termed it "very serious". Previously in 2000, I had lumbar... (10 replies)
... Whew! Guess I'm not as resilient as I used to be... Went in Wednesday morning for an ACDF (Anterior Cervical Diskectomy with Fusion) at C5/6 and C6/7. Preop was fine, went to sleep just fine. Recovery room was fine, but once I got settled in my room I had the pleasure of reliving a previous bad reaction to anesthesia. That was rough, but probably not as bad as having... (10 replies)
... :angel: Hi, You will be better off for having had the surgery... My HMO gave me a guided imagery CD entitled, "Preparing for a successful surgery" - it helped SO much! You can do this on your own with very calming instrumental music on... Before bed each night, and during the day...Practice visualization while very relaxed...see yourself coming into the OR and... (16 replies)
Neuro or Ortho?
Aug 18, 2006
... was done by an ortho surgeon. He is one of the leading spine specialists in my area, with 100's of successful surgeries. ... (6 replies)
... Lana, I hope your surgery was successful and you are on the road to recovery. I hope you will let us know how things are going. ... (10 replies)
... term, if the result is a successful outcome to a surgery that will hopefully, not have to be repeated in the future. ... (2 replies)
C3-5 acdf
Jan 29, 2014
... Has anyone had any experience of this, what to expect in reality, and also if successful any idea of loss of mobility or likelihood of a permanent disability? ... (2 replies)
... And with that I leave you with good wishes for a successful surgery and great results!! ... (6 replies)
... the majority of ppl who had uneventful, successful surgeries often don't come back to relate their experiences, because they're back to real life. ... (27 replies)
... I think I posted this on another post, may have even been this one but on the consent form I signed right before going into sugery there is a long list of things that can occur from the surgery/fusion. I was in to much pain to care or read the dang consent from. I had no choice when it came to having my fusion. I do think the surgeons should go into detail a little more before... (36 replies)
... initely want an expert who has dealt with multiple failed fusions to have a consultation with. You need psychological, nutritional and medical support to have a successful 2nd chance. I hope you get it and not let this go on forever. ... (22 replies)
... culty and match it pretty well to the symptoms I experience. Thank goodness for spine surgeons that will take on the "difficult" cases or those who didn't have a successful outcome before. And I have a wonderful pain management doctor as well. ... (5 replies)
... my pain. I can appreciate surgeons wanting to have successful outcomes but not to the point they will not admit to common side effects of the surgery itself. ... (22 replies)
... Mike, I will be praying for you this Friday! The good Lord has you in his arms! I went for my first post op appointment this am. My Doctor was happy with my progress. I had an xray and everything is as it should be. I was given a bone stimulator and was told I would wear it for at least 6 months. Two electodes on my neck battery pack on my belt with wires. No big deal! I... (25 replies)
... Thanks again for the great information about your surgerys and how you are now feeling.I will be having my surgery this friday and will be glad to get it done as I am just tired of hurting so much.Putting my trust in the good Lord above and all of you are in my prayers. Mike (25 replies)
... Birdman-I went back and reread what I initially wrote and there are some things I did not mention.I do have arm pain in both biceps and forearms which feels like a numbness and also pain especially in my right bicep but not much tingling at all in my hands which I am grateful for.They had an EMG done on me which is the most painful procedure I have ever had done and greatfully... (25 replies)

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