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... About 8 Months Post Op Is When I Started To Have Symptoms...the Fusion Was Successful .......the Crack Was Above The Fusion.....did You Hurt All Over Like I Do? ... (19 replies)
... Oh Yeah, Sleeping problems! I went for my 1st post op visit to the Neuro, and told him about not sleeping. He told me that was normal. Lots of issues both mentally and physically. Because these surgeries have become so successful. People forget that it is still major body trauma. Me for instance.... We tried the new non-narcotic sleep aids. Very pricey with little... (18 replies)
Do I need ACDF???
Dec 19, 2006
... o ensure that this is the true source of hand numbness. I will continue with 6 wks of PT as I do have bad posture issues to address. If carpal release surgery is successful then my only concern will be neck spasms and if my disc problems warrant surgery. ... (17 replies)

... This will probably start a controversy (It did the last time), but the statistics are out on the web. Consider that fusion is the only thing measured in most statistics. They do not look at other problems that might be associated with surgery. The success rate with BMP (bone growth hormone), in the study that I was a part of for approval of BMP use, the fusion success level... (42 replies)
Sep 8, 2006
... I had donar bone so my experience is different. Most people who use their own bone have more pain from them taking the graft than the surgery itself. The surgery is relatively short, a few hours. I stayed in the ICU overnight. I woke up groggy but litterally in no pain. I could feel pressure on my neck but all of the sensations of shoulder pain and numbness that I had... (1 replies)
... thanks so much for the response. You're right that folks without complications or issues don't tend to subscribe to these blogs. I'm very happy that you had a successful operation and that you've been able to resume normal activities. I guess after the MRI next week and the PT, I'll have a better idea what I should do. ... (42 replies)
... Hi Michelle You need to know there are many options to try . Sometimes the surgeon just refers you to a pain clinc if they are not 100% successful. Try steriods ,PT, acupucture and all the other ideas you will get from the great people on these boards. I do understand your frustation but there is a answer out there and do not let the doc keep passing you around just because... (8 replies)
Travel after ACDF
Aug 22, 2006
... Just wanted to update and thank all of you for weighing in on this... it helped me make choices. I stayed in and focused on recovery for 2 weeks, then spent a day at my daughter's horse show 45 min away (a 3-4 hour total trip) which was tiring but successful. Then I hit a few of my son's baseball games, and at 3 weeks exactly made a 4 day trip to a horse show in Canada. Except... (10 replies)
... Kelly: I had burning pain down my left arm with numbness and weakness. I also had disc herniations at the same levels you noted and I had a successful ACDF (C5-C6-C7) on 5/18/06. I agree with the others, you should see a neurosurgeon or orthopedic spinal surgeon ASAP. (I had my surgery done by an Orth.Spine Surgeon) (13 replies)
... Many of us also experienced increased pain and muscle soreness as we increased our activity. I particularly found driving difficult and was aware of soreness down my arm. As Dennis has said it's still early and regardless of how good you feel you need to go slowly. You might want to ask your surgeon about physical therapy to help you resume normal activity without overdoing... (3 replies)
... I really am happy for those who have successful surgeries and don't have anymore problems with pain and think it's wonderful to share those stories on this board to show that there is always hope. ... (24 replies)
... This is for Dennis's comment on this surgery being 98.9% successful??? Don't mean to be rude or incensitive but where in the world did you get that statistic??? I don't think there is a surgery out there for the spine that would ever be that good of an outcome since on the Pain Management part of these boards are filled with people who have had anywhere from 2-15+ surgeries... (24 replies)
... Thanks for the answers to my questions and your stories. I have more: When you go to the pain clinic what do they do for you? I guess I am looking if I am missing something. I go to a large Orthopedic institute with a spine center, very good docs. The dr. that handles my injections is on staff at the Institute Surgical Center. Since my post today I have started up... (4 replies)
... mbar but not cervical. Some Dr.s have used it but sometimes it can cause swelling in the throat post surgery. He opts not to use it. For lumbar it proves quite successful though. ... (5 replies)
... If you take the time to look, you will see successful surgeries also. Seach my posts for instance. ... (8 replies)
... Wow...what a wonderful testimony to a successful procedure. I am 5 days out myself and very optimistic. Sometimes the posts on these boards can get you terrified that nothing will work. ... (7 replies)
... I wanted to update those who knew about my surgery. I had ACDF C-5-6 with donor bone fusion and hardware on April 29th of this year. I was in a hard brace for three months. I started exercising shortly after surgery. I had been so used to pain having this problem for 7 years and unable to get anyone to help until recently. The last 3-4 years were excruciatingly painful with... (4 replies)
... Congrats on successful surgery and I'm glad to hear you feel it was a good decision based on your outcome! Your angst leading up to surgery was understandable. ... (3 replies)
... My surgeries have all been successful in why they were done. I do not regret not even one of them. ... (4 replies)
... I am one of those successful outcomes. I certainly feel for all those who post here and haven't had the expected results. ... (9 replies)

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