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... T9 herniation which is crushing the spinal cord. I have lost feeling severely over the last three months and am on crutches to stop me falling over. ... (22 replies)
... Has anyone had recent thoracic spinal surgery for Thoracic Disc Herniation I have a large T7 /T8 Disc Herniation with signifcant cord compression and moderate compression at T6 / T7 and T8 / T9, the Doctors say that surgery is the only option right now. Since I have developed degeneration below my waist and physiotherapy and osteotherapy has not helped. any insight will be... (22 replies)
... T9 herniation putting pressure on it. ... (22 replies)

... Follow up. In later May I had the 7 hour Thoracic disc Back/Spine surgery, the surgeon preformed a T6/T7, T7/T8 Discectomy and a particle T7/T8 Vertebrectomy & Spinal Fusion. He preformed the surgery on my Back, I stayed in the hospital for 5 days and then went home, the next 3 weeks were mostly spent in bed or sitting while taking small walks during the day. As my strength... (22 replies)
... It has been more than 6 months since my last surgery C3 to C6 Laminoplasty and 18 months since T7/T8 Discectomy and a particle T7/T8 Vertebrectomy & Spinal Fusion. and today my surgeon advises me that he what's to performs surgery on my T6/T7 since it has herniated more (got larger) and is now compression the cord (3mm). Question: Has anyone had surgery redone on the... (22 replies)
... I know that there aren't too many people out there, who have had Cervical Laminoplasty & thoriac Discectomy, Vertebrectomy & Spinal Fusion with myelomalacia. So here it goes..My last meeting was with 2 surgeons (orthopedic and neuro) at the same time and they both agreed that I need surgery . The ortho said he was going to leave the thoriac screws & rods in from my last... (22 replies)
... Caroline21 is right, Zacmtl. Thoracic surgery is tough. The disk is in the front of the spine and to get to it, they have to move everything in the chest.......unless, you can find someone using the new surgical tools developed just for thoracic surgery...long instruments to work in from the side(I'm tracking this as I also have a big herniation at T7-8 and compressed nerves... (22 replies)
... Watching this thread closely, as I too have a herniation at T7/8. Please keep me posted as I'm struggling to decide on having surgery. I have conflicting spine surgeons. One says I need surgery right away to prevent further damage to nerves. Others have told me I should hold off and wait to see if I improve on my own. I have no numbness, but a great deal of pain which ranges... (22 replies)
... L5 herniation and told me to try physothapry and exercise. ... (22 replies)
... I was bad news being the t8 9 discs and they said there was no option but to have surgery as I would end up in a wheelchair, allmost certainly before the end of this year. ... (22 replies)
... Same as for my neck and lumbar for me, Web.....something you don't have to worry about.......(even appears to have been fractured at T7). cheers..............Jenny (22 replies)
... T8 Disc Herniation. If anyone has undergone Dr. Jho's thoracic discectomy procedure, could you please share your results? ... (3 replies)
... ow things turned out because my neurosurgeon decided to postpone surgery because the feeling was returning to my legs. Do you happen to know what the size of the herniation was? ... (1 replies)
T7/t8 Herina
Apr 27, 2005
... t8 moderate size dorsal left paracentral disc herniation or focal extrusion is present, the doctors and long words, what this means to me? ... (15 replies)
... Welcome to the board. Is this disc herniation in the lumbar area? ... (2 replies)
... Does anyone know of the chances for recovery from disc herniation such as mine without surgery? ... (2 replies)
... Hi there iam new on this site but ive got what you have T56 89 numb,dead leg with no nerve or muscle control pains up around and all over place.ive got my first pre op surgery appointment sounds like i wont be going back to work for a little while by the sounds of problems, (22 replies)
... Had my C3 to C6 Laminoplasty (left side) on Monday and was out of the hospital on Wednesday, Overall it is to soon to be positive or negative and will wait for the post operative surprises. (22 replies)
... I read the Cervical Laminoplasty Chronicle this afternoon it help with some of my questions, I was disappointed that the mods closed the thread it was informative. (22 replies)
... <> That's what I'm wondering, since I just had that surgery. I don't see what's to stop the herniated disks from just continuing to press backward, especially since the cord has... (22 replies)

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