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Throbbing Spine?
Sep 10, 2003
... THROBS. It feels like it is throbbing along with my heartbeat. It comes and goes, making my entire body get tense without my control. I just lay there and scream...It's horrible! ... (1 replies)
... WebDozer - thanks so much for your patience in answering my questions. What you say makes quite a bit of sense. And yes, it does appear that I have some general arthritic-type/getting-older issues that are noted in my MRI report. I am in my 50s, so this body has been through its share of living. Also, I am not and never have been athletic in any way, so as far as I am aware... (3 replies)
... was done. Probably starting sometime around April of this year I developed pain in the upper neck which leads to these throbbing headaches. The headaches usually last for maybe 20 seconds then they subside for a short time before coming back again. ... (4 replies)

... Yes, when I get a real bad headache, my eyes ache too. It's like it's only on ONE side of my head the side where I have the herniation in my neck. It feels like my eye is "throbbing", very painful feeling. (4 replies)
... I lasted 5 hours went home and had a throbbing headache just in the right side of my head, it also traveled down my arm, it was piercing and still hurts. ... (12 replies)
Cord compression
Feb 8, 2007
... well i had my mri done on my thoracic and cervical spine and my spinalcord is compressed from the disc in the thorasic spine.. ... (7 replies)
... So here are the results of my brain, cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine mri's. I will try and remember to put the date at the top of each, as none are real current. ... (11 replies)
... evere throbbing in my back, and the feeling in my gut like i have to go number 2 well i went to the er do to the fact that my legs are and were very weak and the throbbing i felt in my back i felt in my stomack and legs just the stomache was a different type of throbbing... ... (2 replies)
MRI results
Sep 3, 2012
... No offense to your GP...but he is not qualified nor trained in any type of spine issues unless he has switched his practice recently and used to be a Board Certified Neurosurgeon or BC Orthopedic surgeon. ... (2 replies)
... from a lifting injury kept telling me it was only muscle pain from having the seizures..I told her all my symptoms that included pain with every breath, constant throbbing and sometimes stabbing pain in the upper back region around the spine.. ... (5 replies)
... I have had several painfully episodes of what the doctors called " costochondritis " but I am wondering now if this is related to the cervical spine or referred pain? ... (2 replies)
... goal for abusing myself so hard. I count calories too, does no good. I think my Hashimoto's is just gonna keep me fat I will definitely bring the throbbing in the skull thing up to both my pcp and the spine surgeon. Thank you so much for your input. ... (13 replies)
Cervical MRI help
Mar 17, 2012
... I started have extremely severe headaches that would start at the base of my brain, radiate around the right side of my head to my forehead. Almost continual throbbing pain. I also started having episodes of pain in my right shoulder. At the time I was 63 years old, and although I have never suffered from migraines my Dr. ... (10 replies)
... With my lower back, I also what you do...I also describe it sometimes as a deep, dull throbbing pain! ... (29 replies)
... But when it hurts, it's a deep and dull, throbbing pain that hurts to the extent that I can't straighten up, like a 90 degree angle like you said. ... (29 replies)
... Just to give a little background, probably a year or so ago I started noticing tingling in my left hand and fingers. My neck has always been stiff and my range of motion has been limited, for as long as I can remember, but there was no pain to speak of. Right before Christmas I started having pains in my shoulder that started out mild to moderate and then after a few days... (6 replies)
... Yes, I did have the C-spine MRI, this is when they said I had the bulging disk at C-3. I do suffer from what I think is migraines, its a burning, throbbing headache that starts in the back of my head (left side), and goes behind my ear and above my eyebrow. I don't know if it truly a migraine or tension from my neck, but it lasts for days. I also get auras without the... (4 replies)
... w beers and the pain would go away. But the past 2 years everything has gotten worse! I have numbness in both of arms and even in my face. The pain is a constant throbbing and pulling feeling around my C1 and C2 area. ... (3 replies)
... thanks for info, didnt know the disc numbers, docs dont tell me that, been told trapped nerve by hosp doc. years ago was told its degeneration disease of spine 2nd disk from bottom, the vertabrae think it called is coming out. or thinning, like arthritus of which have in knees as well. ... (5 replies)
... and that's without even hearing my symptoms. From my own research on tarlov cyst they alone could be my issues from my waste down, only to be compounded by my C spine issues. ... (4 replies)

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