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... The did an anterior fusion with titanium cage and 6 screws and also 2 donor bones. ... (22 replies)
... C7 vertebral bodies are not fused and demonstrate with mild sclerosis and irregularities end plates consistent with pseudarthrosis. It may not sound like much but...this is what the surgeon told me 7 years ago when he kicked me out of his office. ... (22 replies)
... n i woke up from the back side being cut it felt like i had given birth from the top of my back and neck that is just how bad it hurt. she put in 11 screws and 4 titanium plates. the plates on the right side gave me a torn right rotator cuff which i may need an op for as the sortsone shots dont help me. ... (10 replies)

... to " So the spinal cord is narrowed but not compressed anymore " is that good news ? Or does narrowing mean that there is peranant damage to spinal cord n nerves ? (4 replies)
... acdf with titanium plates in June 09. Just recently had a mri done on my cervical due to issues still remainining after surgery. ... (4 replies)
... from what I was told, and have found doing a quick search just to double check before I replied to your post, the titanium plates might cause a small amount of "smear artifact" but do allow for postoperative MRI evaluation with little artifactual interference. ... (4 replies)
... C7, and a fusion. He said that he will also remove bone spurs and use the local bone along with a titanium mesh implant to replace the disc, and titanium plates and screws. I wish the surgery were today instead of 4 weeks as the severe chest pain is driving me crazy. ... (7 replies)
... he said that he actually saw why I was in pain that I started tearing up even though I know the reason why I am in pain before even hearing what the Cat Scan and MRI say. I know the arthritis and bonespurs alone above and below the titanium and narrowing under it as the chiropractor told me can cause the pain. ... (22 replies)
... Ok - I'll put on my metallurgical hat today - titanium is a non-magnetic metal - sometimes it is an alloy (mixture) with other metals but in this case I do think its in a non-magnetic form and MRI is ok Airport detectors are set differently and these plates may trigger those even if they aren't magnetic (I don't have plates so I don't know this for sure) -Sunshine (11 replies)
... had 2 plates installed. ... (3 replies)
... C7 ACDF, with two tier titanium plates and screws and the plastic wedges to replace the discs. I had actually herniated one my discs and compressed the other. ... (25 replies)
Help - I'm the 10%
Jun 24, 2010
... They want to go in w / a c4 c5- c5 c6 disc fusion both anterior - w/ the cages & then flip me & do posterior w/ the screws & titanium plates he said based upon my neuro exam when he flicks my fingers my thumb goes in& my reflexes r more abrupt then when examined immediately After mva in late feb. he also stated I have severe torn ligaments that did not show on the MRI -... (75 replies)
... four levels with titanium plates and screws in my neck. My arm came back gradually almost immediately after the procedure. ... (0 replies)
ACDF on Sept. 8
Aug 29, 2008
... C7 with cadaver bone and titanium plates. ... (13 replies)
... Kim, Those operations are usually called ACDF's (anterior cervical discectomy and fusion) here. I'm not sure exactly what operation would require five plates, though. Maybe a four-level ACDF? Calling it that might attract more attention. It seems like a very extensive operation. Was it anterior or posterior? If the latter, then a lot of muscle needed to be moved or even... (3 replies)
MRI Analyses
Sep 21, 2012
... That's great that this Dr. is so highly recommended... And I'm just going on what I know from my own experience with having 3, two-level, cervical fusions. The first fusion they didn't use hardware and took bone from my own hip, I was in a collar for 2 months. The last two fusions, even the really major one with going in through the anterior and posterior approach, they... (35 replies)
... I was more just asking about the findings of the MRI which is usually the "conclusion" at the end of the radiologists report... ... (21 replies)
... then clamps it all together with titanium plates. In a few months, your C6 and C7 vertebrae will grow through the matrix provided by the donor bone, and you will be "fused". ... (2 replies)
... There are alternatives, but I'll just talk about two of the surgical alternatives. Foraminotomy - a minimally invasive, usually outpatient, procedure where the surgeon comes in from the right rear or left rear and carves away osteophytes that may be impinging on the nerve roots as they pass through the foramen Laminoplasty - roughly as "major" a surgery as ACDF. The... (2 replies)
Cervical Fusion
Dec 7, 2010
... as the disc there was bulging also. I have titanium plates and screws at each level and can not or have never felt them. I have cadaver bones which some people freak out about but they do not bother me. ... (11 replies)

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