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... I have many problems in my cervical spine including buldging discs, degenretive disc diesease, reversal of lordus and compression on thecal sac. I have not been able to go to my regular doctor in a year. ... (8 replies)
Upper back pain
Aug 29, 2008
... chest, shoulder arm. Dont let it go, I learned the hard way to do so can cause chronic pain for the rest of your life. ... (4 replies)
... ago. I am now taking Lyrica, tramadol and tylenol. I take a muscle relaxer if needed. As my other pains have subsided, I am left with a pretty sharp, severe pain in my upper thoracic spine. My surgeon sent me to a chiropractor that he trusts, but so far it has not helped. ... (3 replies)

... causing severe pain. I hope that you find pain relief soon! ... (3 replies)
... hot poker jabbing in to the inside of my upper left arm, with some subtle tingling that runs down the arm and a bit of burning around the back of my arm and around the elbow. ... (0 replies)
... I finally went to the chiropractor and he seemed to think one of my ribs in my back was seized to my spine. It most likely happened during my 3rd pregnancy and since I never had it addressed (2 years later) that it just became a chronic pain. He thinks he can loosen things up with a few visits. Anyway, thought I'd update in case anyone else had a similar pain. (4 replies)
... When viewed from the side, the normal cervical spine curves slightly inward. This inward curve is called lordosis. Kyphosis is a term used to describe a type of abnormal curve in the spine. ... (3 replies)
... ling in my left arm and left side of my face, blurred vision that comes and goes, and minor headaches that don't last long but occur often. She did an xray of my spine and said I show a slight straightening of the spine but she isn't concerned about it. I am waiting on an appointment for an MRI on the brain. ... (0 replies)
... Could be one of the worst of neck/upper back maladies -- a spasm of the splenius cervicus muscle. It's trigger point is next to the shoulder blade toward the spine. It has been so bad a spasm for me that it feels like a viral meningitis. Makes my neck and base of neck feel like it's on fire. If what you're describing is a pain more inside the back of the ribcage... (3 replies)
... cadaver bone is great only because you do not have to go thru what can be seriously agonizing post op pain at that iliac graft site where they pull out basically a 'plug' of your own bone then shave it down to 'fit' into that discspace. ... (7 replies)
... rble softens. Trigger points are common and cause 'referred pain.' The pain, or in essence shortening of the muscle, can inhibit you from taking a breath. The pain can be felt a distance from the marble. ... (7 replies)
... or the neurologist and see if they can expand the MRI from just a scan of my head to one of my spine as well. ... (4 replies)
Upper back pain
Sep 4, 2008
... MRI Cervical Spine without Contrast. The vertebrae are normally aligned. Stature of the vertebral bodies is maintained. ... (4 replies)
... osurgeon, he did a MRI, said nothing, except that I have cervical stenosis, and sent me to PT. Since then it has progressed to weakness in arms, neck, shoulders, upper back. ... (6 replies)
... Im thinking the pain I had in my elbow was much like NPs. Very sensative. I had a period where when I would go to bed Id wake up with the awful pain in the elbow but could not bend it. ... (9 replies)
Thorasic pain
Apr 2, 2009
... I had my gall bladder removed last year due to 3 small pollyps. I thought the pain would go but it hasn't. Its taken a year for my doctor to finally send me for a chest xray. ... (6 replies)
... and the arm pain was maddening. ... (3 replies)
... This is a common complaint of lots of folks with ACDFs if you read posts. It seems for some people they have other problems in other parts of the spine causing the pain. Then for others it seems unexplained causes. I personally have it bad and am tired of hearing the opposite that you heard. ... (3 replies)
Upper back pain
May 20, 2007
... My MRI's of my back are normal but I have back pain also. I do have neck problems... ... (1 replies)
... Hi, I still have the pain sometimes worse then others, prior to cervical surgery all of my right side was involved,shoulder, arm, wrist,hand,terrible,and both legs felt like rubberbands,had lower back surgery 3 months prior, on L4-5,stenosis,that caused sciatic down one or both legs at seperate times, bowel,and bladder problems,that part is corrected, thanx goodness,but gotta... (20 replies)

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