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Please be patient with my long story.

About 8 weeks ago I had oral sex with a stripper. I performed unprotected oral sex on her and she performed protected oral sex on me. We did kiss and massage each other. When I performed oral on her I didn't see any sores on her vagina.

49 days after the incident: I had a rash on my foreskin and penis. The one on foreskin was a bit swollen. I had some white falling too. I got worried and took doxycyclin.

50 days after the incident: I didn't have any white falling. Rash was still their on both places but the swelling on foreskin went down a little. I went to see a doctor in the morning. He only looked at the rash on penis only, not the one on foreskin and said it might be fungus since I wasn't sexual active last 7 weeks and prescribed me a cream. Also order urine culture test. He asked me to take doxycyclin for 7 days. That same day afternoon I started having itchy feeling in bottom.

51 days: was still taking doxycyclin and applying the cream on my penis. Still had itch on both penis and bottom

52 day: didn't really feel any itch both on penis and bottom.

53 day: mild itch in the front but itchy/scratchy and uncomfortable feeling at the bottom.

Today is 54 day and I still have that symptoms.

My urine culture came negative. I checked my penis and foreskin for any blister or sore, so far I can't find any. I don't know if I have any on bottom but I tried to look at my bottom in mirror in which I could not see any.

Based on my whole story can anyone please tell me is this is any std or fungus or..?

Could these rashes have any connection to herpes?

Do herpes always produces sores or blister? How long will it take for a sore or blister to form on a rash?

I am really really worried. Please tell me what you feel

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