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I don't mean to preach, but others read these things to learn, so my remarks are more directed at them.

This goes to show that someone who thinks they are mature enough for sex really isn't, for when they think they have a disease or something, they don't know what to do. A mature person would go, "Dang, I may have caught something. I need to get to the doctor and see if I can get it taken care of." Here, we have a person who is not only afraid to tell their parents, they are afraid to show "it" to a doctor. They had no problems "taking it out" to put inside a girl so they would feel like a man, now they are embarassed to show their possible warts to a doctor of medicine.

OK, Ben, sorry. I don't mean to attack you, only to show that those who engage in sex need to be prepared for the consequences. I presume you failed to use condoms, and you are paying the price. There is no need to be embarassed. Call up and make an appointment. Tell them you think you have genital warts. They have heard it all and won't snicker at you. When you go in, a nurse might ask you about it and take your temperature, etc. They will probably have you strip down (in private) and put on a paper gown. The doc will come in, take a look, maybe take a scraping for a culture, and maybe prescribe something. Please, do this - it is the mature thing to do. Failure to get treatment might allow the warts - if that is what they are - to multiply and grow and become really gross looking. And who cares if the doctor is male or female? If you don't like pulling it out for a male, a female doctor should actually be easier, right?

And tell the girl! She may not know she has them and some types of warts cause cervical cancer.

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