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about a month ago i foolishly engaged in unprotected oral sex and sex ( that wasn't long before i told him to stop. ) about 2 weeks later i noticed on the very corner of my lip, was a small cut looking thing. it only hurt if i rubbed my tongue over it.. and there were small little bumps that no one would notice except me near the corner also, all along my lip. they started to come up after i started constantly rubbing my tounge and stretching out my lip. when i woke up the next morning, and yawned.. it cracked a little bit more, so figuring this was because my lips were dry, i put on chapstick, and it went away overnight. nothing else came up until a week later.. the very same small cut on the corner of my lip on the opposite side. so, once again i put chapstick on it.. over night it went away. now, about a week and a half the middle of my top lip.. there wasn't a bump, just a red wasn't sore and didn't hurt whatsoever.. its almost like a little bruise UNDER the skin. there is now another very tiny patch of red on my bottom lip. also, if i flip out my top lip there are little white bumps, that i think are fordyce, because i have been stressing over this constantly. i dont know if this is stressing out and playing around with my lip.. or if it is something.
also, it it was something, wouldn't something be happening down there also? because everything below the belt is just fine. its just all in my lips. sorry this is so long, but i am really worried about this. thanks for listening.

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