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So here is the story....

I've been dating this girl for about 2 months, slept with her the first time i met her unprotected, and about every night since then. Last week i noticed some chafing on the head of my penis mostly around the rim and a little under the rim. I proclaimed it to be sex wounds from lack of lube. It looked like it was healing/flaking off, but now its simply the same thing. Doesnt itch, doesnt burn, doesnt feel like anything except kinda hard (kinda like a scab but not)

I went to the doc, and she said there was good news.....that it didnt look like any STD she had ever seen, and the bad news was because i have NO symptoms of anything else, that it would be near impossible to test for anything. She gave me some steroid cream (which i have yet to fill).

Typically i take a shower before going to my girlfriends, then we have sex, then i dont shower again till the next day........anyone know if that could have anything to do with it? Or what "it" could be?????

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