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Mar 23, 2005
Ok, I had a couple of pimples on my stomach one day, WHICH HURT, and they do not pop. Then I thought nothing, just some little rash or something. Then they kind of faded, but now they are dark spots on my skin. Then the pimples showed up on other parts of my body like biceps, like 5 or 6 on my legs and a couple on my sides. Mostly my stomach. All the pimples do not pop but they hurt and after like a day or so, they become dry on top and develop a white top. which falls off. I probably have about 20 of these pimples on my body. Now I do not have much knowledge on STD symptoms but please tell me if this sounds like any STD. ( I do not have any pimples on my penis or scrotum. Nor on the area sorrounding it. The closest is one on my outer thigh and my stomach ones.)


THanx in advance,

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