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since Oct 2004, i've had this itching down there.. and along with it is a very light pink/brown discharge... its very very light.. i only see it if i wipe after i pee, or it will be 1 or 2 drops on my undies.
but when its really really itchy.. there is very little white discharge and its like little pieces or sometimes its liquidy white...(after the itching isn't as intense, then there is the pink discharge)..i don't think there is a smell.... but i noticed that its like itcing on the lips part... or just inside the vulva part.. just on the bottom of the lips...when i pull them away, i can see the inside of the outer lips is a little red.

i dont get this is everyday.. but when i do .. it usually lasts around 1 week and goes away and then comes back 2 or 3 weeks later... i thought it was because i'm allergic to the soap i was using so i changed and it stopped for a bit.. and a few weeks later it came back. then i started thinking that it is hpv or some std thats causing it.. but there are no warts there and my swabs came out clean. is it possible that this is hpv? if not, then what is it? it sounds like it could be a yeast infection.. or lichen sclerosis... or bv.. i dunno but its killing me. its been coming back none stop since oct......i am 22 and this is the first time i had something like this happen to me for so long. why would i all of a sudden get this? please help.

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