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i'm male, i had a one night stand 8 days ago with a girl. condom broke.

there was quite alot of friction, right after the top of my penis was quite tender, like a heat rash. i developed a small, localised sore on the head of my penis.

i emediatly went to an sti clinic the next day, the sore was just dry skin then.

the doctor ruled out herpes, saying it was too soon, and said it was just down to friction. tested negative for gohnerea and clamida.

so, 8 days later, friction burn is gone, but i now have small red spots on the head of my penis. i really thought i was out of the woods.

after doing research online, i know this could be down to a couple of infections, but the incubation time seems consistant with herpes, is this likely?

there's also a tingly feeling in my penis. i've no other symptoms, fever, sore throat etc...

i'm really worried.

any feedback would be appriciated, as to what this could be.


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