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I am 19 years old.. I just got tested, about four weeks ago, I got my results two weeks ago. I got tested for every STD, except herpes, because I wasnt worried about that one. Anyways, all came up negative, including HIV. But since then I've had unprotected sex with someone... And I am very paranoid about disease. I guess you could say I'm a hypochondriac. Well, would I be experiencing any symptoms if I had been exposed to HIV?

In the upper, left, back part of my mouth, my gums were swollen. When the swelling went away, there was white spots there, that hurt. ts been about a week and that is gone now... That is the only thing that I've noticed wrong... but the person who I may havve gotten from would have gotten it recently, too, because he had been in a relationship for a year and a half, and when they split, he had sex with a different girl just before me. Protected or not, Im not sure. But he did have a swore throat, fever, and swollen tonsils. He didnt have strep throat or tonsilitis. They wanted to test for mono, but didnt. He got over that within 4 days, though. I had that exact same thing a couple months back. They tested me for mono, though, and that came back negative. They gave me and him amoxicillin.

Should I be concerned? I dont really want to go and get tested again if I shouldn't have anything to worry about.

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