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Last time I had sex was a month ago and it was with a new partner. We used protection, except the condom slipped off inside of me after he ejaculated. I asked him when the last time he had been tested was and if he had any STDS and he said no. However, in the past couple days Ive started to develop a yellowish-green discharge and am not sure whats causing it. Its been practically a whole month since the incident and I'm a little thrown off here because I just started birth control too. Anyway isnt it illegal to lie about having an std? Cant he get in trouble for telling me he was clean if he in fact gave me something?
I see two issues here. One problem is that you would have to prove that he knew he had an STD and knowingly lied to you. This is possible to prove if you can get his medical records.

The second issue is that you asked him after you had already had sex with him (or so it sounds in your post). The fact that you slept with him before asking, and only asked afterwards takes the strength out of your argument that his lie took away your right to make an informed decision to sleep with him. [b]If[/b] you asked him before having any kind of sex with him, [b]and[/b] he knowingly lied, [b]and[/b] you get an STD, it is against the law in some places. And even if you don't get an STD, it is still a criminal offence in some places. In some cases, it's not necessary that you ask him at all, just that he has to know, but in those cases he has to have something really serious like HIV for it to be criminal.
It is not illegal to lie if you have an STD. Its not the right thing to do but the only STD out there that can get him in trouble if he has HIV/AIDS and he knew about it and never told you.

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