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Hi all. Ok so about 3 weeks ago i got 1 blister sore on my penis and i went to the doctor and got a test for hsv1 and hsv2 herpes. I have not been sexually active in 3 years. The blood test showed a total negative on gential herpes and hsv1 cold sore herpes. I had the same blood test done again and it also came back totally negative, yet i still have a blister like sore on my penis. I have never had any before and i am not getting more it's just the one. It starts to heal but when i have protected sex (which i just started) or masturbate it opens back up again. It has been painful at times but for the most part it is not painful at all just annoying. How can i have a blister sore on my dick and all of my testing for herpes comes back negative? Can guys get blisters on their dicks and it not be a STD or herpes? My doctor told me it looked like irratation but i dont see how irratation could last so long and my doctor was able to see it but it was when it was healing so it didn't look like a blister more like a red bump. What can i do to make this sore go away it's been there for 3 weeks now? Any help any of you can give me will be greatly appreciated i am very worried about all this now that i have a new relationship. Thanks so much.

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