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Thanks to all for reading this and trying help...let me begin....about a month ago, after I had got out the shower and peeled my foreskin back. I am uncircumsized obvisouly. On the head of my penis, it looked very dry with very tiny small white dots throughout. My groin region did not itch, it did not burn or hurt when i urinated. The area was not red nor did i have blisters of some sort. Of course after seeing this I was very scared as i had never had anything on my penis before. I had just broken up with my ex and we always had unprotected sex. I am 100% certain my gf was faithful. I had sex with another girl around the same (with a condom). I made an app. with my doc and was gonna take about a week. I did not wanna wait that long so I decided to go to a walk in clinic. There the doc told me it was most like some kind of bacteria/fungus and gave me a Nystatin and Triamcinolone Acetonide cream. So within a day of applying the cream, every had gone away. I still decided to go to my regular doc anyway. But by then I had no signs of anything being on my penis. I explained my symptoms and the cream the doc had giving me bofore and he said most likely thats what it was. He told me to stop using the cream and not to worry. This visit was a wednesday. I stoped using the cream and within 2 or 3 days, the same "rash" returned. Again i used the cream and it went away completely. I decided to use the cream for a 2 weeks straight and if the "rash" came back again, i was gonna make another app with the doc..well during this time I started to feel pressure on my right testicle. Almost as if someone was squeezing it. At first it was barely noticeable but after a couple of days it became a bother. It was never painful but more of an annoyance. I also noticed the right side of my testicles was swollen. I immediately made an app with the emergency center in my hosp and was seen by a doc.(again i didnt have any "rash" symptoms since i had been using the cream. he examined my penis and testicles and asked for a urine and blood test. both tests were negative.(which i found out about a week later) he prescribed Doxycycline. Within 3 days i noticed the pain was almost gone. It wasnt constant anymore, it came and went and wasnt as bad. The swelling had gone down. but while taking the pills, i started getting a tingling sensation on my testicles. But after 2 days it went away and not i rarely get it. One thing that has worried me is that i had lower back pain for a couple of days which i know some stds cause. but one thing that has helped is that this past week i have been sitting a lot more than usual so maybe that is the culprit. Also i have 2 pimples at the very base of shaft, beginning of the sac. I noticed these when i first started seeign the "rash" they do not look like blisters nor are they red or itch or hurt. They actually seem to be getting smaller since i first noticed them. They look like white heads but tougher looking. I also have a group of 4 pimples on the middle of the my testicles. right along the line that goes between them. these however are not white. they are more flesh colored. but again they do not look like blisters with puss or red or itch..or anything like that. I do not know if i had this before i had the rash since i never really inspected my genital area up until now since i saw the rash. I have 2 more days of taking my prescription (10 days: 2wice a day). and for the past 2 days i have been getting a twitch in my nose. right on top of each nostril. and also a "tingly" type feeling around mouth. though these symptoms i only get when im going to bed.....i know anxiety or stress can cause twitching and things of that nature so im hoping this is the case. i havent had much sleep and have had lots of anxiety ever since discovering the "rash". now i told my ex about this...shes now my gf again by the way about this and said she has nothing wrong with her....the only thing i can conclude i have is a yeast infection/herpes/epididimytis/candida...i just dont sorry for the long read but plz help me...i am completely stressed, scared terrified u name it....thanks

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