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In the shower this morning I found a what I thought was rather larger (about a 1/4 size of a dime) almost cauliflower looking bump on my vagina (more specifically my clitoris). It wasn't there the night before and I have been in a monogomous relationship with my boyfriend for just about a year now.

We did have an issue where my boyfriend may have cheated but he readily agreed to get tested and although the test hasn't come back yet I feel like I can trust him seeing as he did get tested.

Anyway I was able to pop the bump and a lot of pus came out and now theres just a little hole where it was, it basically looks like if I had popped a pimple there.

So what was this?? I have an appointment with my doctor to discuss surgery for endometriosis in a couple of weeks and was going to ask him then but do you think this is more serious and I should try to get in before then?

Edit- I forgot to add that I do shave with an electric razor and do sometimes get razor burn around my vagina but obviously I never shave that part and the bumps have never been that big. But I was thinking I may have possibly nicked myself there

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