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OK..... here it goes.

i have been with my girlfriend now for about a year and a half, and haven't had any unprotected sex with anyone sense

For the last 6-7 months i have been doing "very" hard drinking, sometimes drinking 20-30 beer in one night. Ruffly about 2 months ago my girlfriend was gone and i got in the ... well mood :p. So like a drunken idiot i went in the room and started to masturbate. Once again i must remind you that i was drunk because the next few sentences are going to make you think im a bit of a nut.

Well, im circumcision, and when your circumcision you just cant dry masturbate, so i proceeded to spit on my penis. (thick slimy beer spit) After a while i ran out of spit and decided to use the warm beer left on the end table. I got the job done and after i whipped my self off and fell asleep.

The next day, the head of my penis was a little irritated, but i though nothing of it. So about 3 days later it was still me, and i notice my urine was really dark. First thing i though i was dehydrated from all the drinking, but i wasn't drinking for the past 2 days.

Another 4 or 5 days passes and it was still itching me, almost like a cold burning, it was a local spot on the top of the head. Now i was getting frustrated and started using massive amounts of baby powder. I never bothered to tell my girlfriend about it and we continued to have sex. We always use condoms with N9.

Ok. so about a week and a half after i masturbated. I notices that the irritation is still there and a spot has developed. Not a very noticeable spot, it is just a little different than the rest of the head and it is still irritating me. It does not hurt and there isn't any blisters just this spot about the size of a dime.

I have no other symptoms of any stds, like the flue or discharge. and about 2 weeks after i noticed the spot i show a friend and he said he couldn't see anything, but i showed him again last night and he said "Ya i see the spot, it looks like a dry spot" and this morning, the spot kinda felt a little moist. What could this be?

Is it a std i had and never surfaced tell more a year later, or is it just something else like a fungus? I dont feel sick and my glans aren't swelled. And
if it was HVS wouldn't i have a blister by now?

Any suggestions here will be a help, thanks for your time.:)

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