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[QUOTE=Bwarr005;3752562]Hello board members... ok... i have quite a story so please tell me what you think and if you think it is herpes.
Ok.. I was diagnosed with HPV about a month and half ago. I got a yeast infection this past week and I had to go to the gyno to have a coloscopy done to look at my abnormal cells and to get a biopsy of my cervix. well during this yeast infection, it was like it made this white patchy area right on the inside of my va-j-j. well I have the hpv that causes genital warts so I thought the infection just made my body really susceptible for getting more warts well I thought that was what it was.
well I have two little red bumps on the one of the "lips" of the va-j-j. they have been there for a while, cause no harm and they never formed a blister or anything.. well the gyno was like well i think you have herpes.. and here i start crying hysterically because i already have HPV and now this? but i have never had any other bumps just those two and like i said they have never formed any blisters or never caused any problems for me. I just dont see how it could be that... and the white patchy stuff has disappeared.. now i have to wait a week for the results and i just dont see how in the world it could be herpes.[/QUOTE]
Ok SOOOOO..I have a friend who also has HPV, she had some bumps on the outside as well (she has them for almost a year), she went to her GYN and she ended up having a bacterial infection that spread to the external of her vagina. They were really tiny, so her GYN didn't spot them til she pointed them out! Ask your doctor to do a BV test or something, see if it couldnt be a bacterial infection, BEST OF LUCK!

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