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First of all, I agree with trolleydolley... Aldara isn't good for you!!! My doctor gave me that to start off with,and it also caused problems(plus my warts only got worse). Second of all, all of you need to get different doctors..It sounds like some of you have allergic reactions or this medication isn't for you.. Get a doctor who is willing to take the time to talk to you about this disease and to burn the warts off with acid! My doctor sent me to an obgyn who was very mean to me about getting this disease, but he did stop it! He was so mean to me that my best friend called him a donkey(lol)... However, he took the time to explain the disease to me, then he took me in and used a q-tip and some acid and dapped it on each wart I had down there... He sent me home with a small bottle of acid..I got a person to dap the warts for me when it said I needed too.. It's a little painful when this is done(not that bad though), and it works!!! I had one outbreak ever, and it was my last outbreak(knock on wood)... I got this disease when I was twenty-three, and I am now twenty-nine... I might have been a little younger than that...I can't remember because it's been so long... Don't put yourself down or feel like it's the end of the world because you have this...I did, and it only put myself in a bad depression that made me gain way too much weight!! I wasn't sleeping around or doing anything bad...I just got with someone dishonest who knew she had the disease and couldn't tell me! You should always tell your partners and educate them about your disease BEFORE they even develop any feelings for you(it's only fair to that person)... I am a lesbian and the partners I've had after this disease excepted me, and luckly they didn't catch the disease... The doctor I have now told my girlfriend and I that I am pretty much clean.. It's not the end of the world... If you need advice on how to tell your partner about this or any advice, I know about it... ask me!!!

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