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On the 4th of July I had unprotected sex one time with a girl at a party, not knowing her sexual history.

Two weeks later, texts me saying that I might "have something." Apparently, she had been diagnosed with chlamydia and told me to get tested. I got tested and tested negative. I asked her if there was anything else that I needed to worry about, and she said that she was clean on every other STD test.

Well right after she told penis started itching. About the day after. And about a week after that, I had a sore appear on my penis. It was just like a scab you would get on your didn't "crust" or anything, like they say herpes scabs do, but it healed on it's own and left a scar.

My penis has been itching nonstop since then. Every day for about 2 months. It's just my penis and testicles that itch, not the areas around them.

I want to get it checked but I'm very nervous and do not know how to approach it. I'm scared to go to the doctor and have it be something very serious, such as herpes. I hope it's something curable...I've learned my lesson.

Also, I do not know if this is relevent, but about a month and a half after the sexual encounter I had a rash appear a little under my armpit. It was noticeable, but went away on its own in about a day.

Anyways, based on my symptoms, what does it sound like I have? And can someone give me advice for seeking medical help? I'm so nervous..
The fact you were well until she said something would make part of this sound like it is mentally induced. Herpes would typically appear within a week of exposure, but you never know. If there is no sore now, it would take a blood test to see if you have it. You might be having recurrent, but mild symptoms that are not visible. Again, it might be something else, but anything unexplained following unprotected sex should be checked out. Go on and see a doctor now and explain all of your symptoms, leaving nothing out. Chances are if you have herpes it will show up in a blood test and if you are having recurrent symptoms the doctor may prescribe an antiviral to clear it up.

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