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Well I had sex with a girl about a year ago and got some type of disease from her. At first she told me she had herpes but i was tested for that and came up negative. She winded up moving before I had a chance to really question her about it. After having sex with her nothing happened in the first few mouths. During the fourth month or so I started noticing dry spots around my penis. I got back with my ex girlfriend after coming up negative on a STD panel and started having unprotected sex again.

After a couple weeks of unprotected sex with my girlfriend I started noticing dry spots on my penis were spreading. Small bumps around the head of my penis were starting to pop up. The more sex we had the dryer it seemed to get. Until every time we would have sex I would get small cuts around the head of my penis.

A couple months go by and I start to noticing small chunks of skin missing from my penis. I made an appointment with a free health clinic and they said I had no STD's. They also told me it's all in my head.

A few more months go by and I start noticing that me and my girlfriend are braking out on our faces from where we are kissing each other. I think it's from her going down on me and infecting her mouth, then kissing me.
I've also noticed that the infected places she has scratched on her face are now missing skin. It kind of look's like acne scaring.

Unprotected sex is now unbearable. If we start to have sex i start feeling pain inside my urethra. I've seen a lot of people out and about with the same type of acne looking scaring on there face. Too scared to go up and ask anyone about it though, and I can't seem to get any answer from the free clinic.. Plllllllllzzzz Help.

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