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Three bumps
Jan 21, 2010
yeah hi i have these three bumps two on my thigh and one under my scrotum u know between the line of my butt and balls the bump on my right inner thigh itches the one on my left inner thigh doesnt the one in between doesnt itch that bad i have shaved my whole entire pubic area before too the bump on right inner thigh area is red cause it been itching so bad i mean its a dot but u can see it its no white head there it has a red retangular lookin patch u know like its bruised it stings alittle last time i had sex was man it was some months back 15 months maybe its been a min and i didnt have on a condom and i thought maybe it was dry skin or because the hair is growing back the left one is just alittle higer the right one is actually right by a single hair can somebody please help and tell me what it is the dots don't even look like pimples or candy nerds its just a pinkish dot may because the hair or the itching because the hair please help me oh and im 22 thanks

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